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Lake Tahoe, Nevada

We took a short five day vacation to Lake Tahoe in September about 8 years ago. We stayed at Harvey's Hotel there. It was very nice. The casino was not very crowded like in Atlantic City. It was huge too. We drove all around the Lake and it is breathtaking. What a beautiful place! The pines trees are humunguous. Pine cones are the size of footballs! There are exquisite bike trails there. Hiking is incredible. Somehow the stars seem brighter and closer there too. It's just lovely country.

They have a replica of the Ponderosa Ranch on the California side of the Lake. This should not be missed, it was really neat. At the saloon you can order a saspirilla served in a tin cup with a great picture of Ben, Adam, Hoss and Little Joe on it. They have tons of old west memoribilia displayed all over the place. Stagecoaches, buckboards, carriages, horses, cattle, all kinds of stuff. Shaving mugs and straight razors in the Barber Shop, a buffalo head over the piano. Wagons full of old cowboy boots, piles of old spurs, antique horse tack, you name it. Walking through the Cartwright's House you see Little Joe's green suede jacket hanging on the rack by the front door, Hop Sing's kitchen, the stone fireplace, Pa's desk and gun cabinet. It's pretty cool. I grew up watching Bonanza every Sunday night, didn't everybody?

We went to a big flea market there and my father bought a very old, and very used, brass spitoon. He loves crazy stuff like that. You can find all kinds of rattlesnake items if your in the market for that kind of thing, keyrings, hat bands, belts, or a stuffed whole rattlesnake if your so inclined.

On the roads there are two stop signs mounted on each pole. The top one is about 25 feet off the ground, that's so you can still see them after it snows! Burrrrrrr! Of course, if you want to ski we were told that's pretty good there too. But, I've never been interested in strapping two waxed sticks to my feet and sliding down the side of a frozen mountain. I guess I'm not that adventurous.

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