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Nassau The Bahamas

We started our world travels years ago by going to Nassau in the Bahamas for two weeks. It was pretty uneventful at first, but then we discovered snorkeling. If you've never tried it, you really ought to. It is very easy. There is just one thing you must remember, wear a t-shirt in the water, your back is constantly exposed to the sun and the cool water is deceiving. You can get burnt very quickly. We started out exploring a sunken rowboat that played host to about 50 moray eels. It was really neat. Then the activities director signed us up for a tour of an out island. They warned us before we left not to wear any jewelry because it attracted baracuda. We dove down for starfish and conch. Our guides showed us how to get the live conch out of the shell and eat it raw, it was good. My sister and I were snorkeling around and came upon just the head of a big gar fish. The gills were still moving. Then out of the corner of our eyes we saw a BIG 2 foot baracuda turning to swim away, obviously with a full belly. Wheww! Have you ever screamed through a snorkel?

We decided to go first class and take the gourmet meal plan at the Cable Beach Resort Hotel. Have you ever been served by four waiters with white gloves? It was so elegant. Every piece of lettuce was so carefully placed on your salad. Appetizers were works of art. When they served your entre it was covered with oval silver hoods which were similutaneously removed by two waiters as they said "viola". It was like something you see in the Movies. Desserts were spectacular. If you want to be spoiled completely, go to the Bahamas.

When our stay was over we went to airport to go home and found that our flight had been changed to 10:00 am instead of 1:00 pm. It had already left! Can you believe that? We found out that the airline we had been booked on had gone bankrupt during our stay. They switched people to other airlines and other flights but did not notify us. They said we were supposed to verify the flight information the day before we left. This was our first trip and we had no idea that this could happen. We sat at the airport for hours and hours waiting for another flight. My mother was LIVID! After a lot of aggrevation and complaining to tour companies and travel agents we got a flight home on KLM. It was the nicest airline I've ever been on. Since that flight took us to another airport than the one we left our car at, the travel agent arranged a stretch limo to pick us up and take us home. It was a luxurious ride we didn't expect but we were all too tired to enjoy it.

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