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dedicated to keanu reeves & his fans

Thanks for coming to this site. It's dedicated to YOU the fan! I certainly hope you're a fan, because it would be kind of weird being here aye?

River and Keanu - two totally awesome actors...


This is really sad....[film news] - Keanu Reeves is in seclusion, following the accidental death of his estranged girlfriend.
I feel so sorry for Keanu...I don't want to say anything else though, but that I hope that he pulls through, and god bless him.

OLD (but still valid)

Has anyone seen The Replacements? I'm creating a new page for reviews of movies with Keanu and any stories about meets with Keanu by chance or luck. So please if you have anything you want to say about Keanu or have a movie review about any Keanu movie, maybe The Replacements if you've seen it please email me. Thanks ! :)

I recently downloaded some *Dogstar* songs off Napster because there's no other way I can hear their music, specially since I live in Australia. And they don't really have any *Dogstar* albums here, unfortunately. Anyway! I only downloaded a few because I didn't think I was going to like 'that' type of music. But then I listened to all the songs I downloaded and I loved them! Now I want to get the album but I can't! So, if any fans would be willing to help me getting me an album, I'm sure I could pay you or trade with you for the album...?
Check out some interesting reviews, interviews and pictures about Dogstar here. the 23 questions with Keanu is sweet. Be sure to check that out. :) Here's another interview from, where ALL the members of Dogstar talk. It's really funny so go read it! click here!
I found a really funny Yahoo! transcript also with the two members of Dogstar, Bret and Rob. But I can't remember what the link was so until I find it...check out the above links!

Have you seen 'The Watcher'? No? What the hell are you waiting for? The devil to ride over and give you free tickets? tsk tsk... God save will you once you click below! :)

I'm Sexy. I'm Cute.

Thanks to Universal for the banner

You wanna see Keanu dance? Then you better watch 'The Watcher'!! I saw it the first day it came out (1st of March, here in Australia), and well my opinion is probably biased, but I'd definitely give it 5 stars (out of 5)

interesting facts:

The Spice Girls: This famous British pop group of girls has Keanu mentioned in their song "If U Can't Dance" (1996):

"Get a grip whenever I go out wherever it may be,
There never is a Keanu but a dweeb lookin' at me.
But even if I did score he's a loser on the dance floor,
Take a deep breath count 1 2 3."

If a movie was made about Dogstar, what actors would you select to play yourselves? Whom do you think would best portray each of you?
Bret: Leonardo DiCaprio
KEANU: A great unknown actor.
Rob: Tom Hanks

heh. and I wonder who that would be Keanu...?

before you go any further, please

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