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'The Watcher' starring: James Spader, Marisa Tomei, Ernie Hudson, Chris Ellis, Keanu Reeves was released in Australia 1st March 2001. I'm not sure about in the States or elsewhere. (sorry about that). I know that in Australia it was rated MA, however in the States it was rated R... Here are some critics reviews. Too many critics in this world.

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Keanu Reeves is coming to Sydney, Australia to film 'The Matrix 2 & 3'. Okay so I heard that from 2 sources, but there is still a possibility that it may be a rumour! I really hope it is true though. There was news that The Matrix was going to be filmed in America, because of the strike? There seems to be some confusion with that.

For information on dogstar + their touring dates check out these sites;

Silver Beats Strike

As quoted from the Daily Telegraph
2nd February 2001

With US Actors' strike looming. The Matrix producer Joel Silver has swung into ation. According to Variety, Silver decided that instead of filming both sequels simultaneously in Australia later in the year he would begin production in mid-March "with a 12 week live action shoot in Oakland, California".
The publication says that the two films, which star Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, will then be shut down and material will be edited "so that it can be synched with special effects material to be done later".
When the strike ends, the sequels are to resume shooting three months later in Australia, which would be about September.


***Dogstar Signs Record Deal***

Dogstar has signed a deal with Ultimatum Music, the L.A.-based label that is co-owned by the William Morris Agency. Dogstar's first album was released in 1996 in Japan only by the defunct Zoo Entertainment, which also issued an EP in the U.S. A new album, to be produced by Michael Vail Blum (Goo Goo Dolls), is due in the U.S. this fall. The act begins a two-week U.S. tour May 18 in Las Vegas, then plays England's Glastonbury Festival. Ultimatum is close to a distribution deal, according to a spokesperson.

KEANU'S NEXT FILM? The Replacements

Keanu's latest film, is due to begin shooting on August 2,1999 even though there were rumours going around that he would stop making movies for awhile to tour with his band. Hopefully he can fit in both!Keanu Reeves is in final negotiations with Warner Bros. to star in the pigskin comedy "The Replacements," about the group of substitute Washington Redskin players who suited up during the 1987 NFL strike. "The Replacements" is currently looking for a director.

:: Dogstar has some dates coming up ::
Check at (to confirm I guess)

May 18th Las Vegas - Boulder Station Hotel & Casino 7:00 & 9:00 PM
May 19th Scottsdale, Arizona - The Cajun House 8:00 PM
May 21st Kansas City, Kansas - City Market
May 22nd St. Louis, MO - Karma
May 23rd Columbia, MO - Blue Note
May 25th Minneapolis, MN - Quest Club 8:00 PM
May 26th Chicago - Park West 7:30
May 27th Detroit, MI - St. Andrews Hall 8:00 PM
May 28th Cincinnati, Ohio - Bogarts 8:00 PM
May 29th Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
May 31st Dewey Beach, DE - Bottle and Cork
June 1st New York - Irving Plaza 9:00 PM

Since The Matrix is such a huge hit, everyone is lining up to get Keanu in their film. (especially me!!) It now appears that Keanu will do the following three films:


Keanu has agreed to a co-starring role in the independent thriller "Driven," the feature debut of video director Joe Charbanic. The film is slated for an early summer or late fall start. Written by Darcy Meyers and Clay Ayers, "Driven" is the story of a cunning serial killer (Reeves) who turns the tables on an investigative team hot on his trail. "I'm very excited about this project," Keanu said. "Joe is a very talented director, and I look forward to working with him." Presented by Interlight Pictures, "Driven" will be produced by Christopher Eberts, Elliot Lewitt and Jeff Rice. Interlight's Patrick Choi and Nile Niami will be executive producers. Charbanic's credits include videos for Dogstar (never released) as well as Sonic Youth and Soul Asylum.


Warner's laid out a hefty $12.5M salary and a large percentage of the gross to nab Keanu for its grid-iron flick "The Replacements." Keanu Reeves stars as the scab QB who leads the Washington Redskins during the 1987 NFL players' strike. Howard Deutch directs from Vince McKewin's script.


In "Shooter," Reeves will play Bobby Lee Swaggart, a master sniper who exiled himself to the Arkansas hills after mistakenly causing the death of an innocent person. Finally lured out of his reclusive life to help prevent an assassination, he gets double-crossed, leaving him hunted for murder and trying to guess who sold him out and why. The film is based on "Point of Impact," a novel by Stephen Hunter, film critic for the Washington Post. Sources said Keanu's asking for a career-best $15 million against a healthy back-end gross. Shooter will be produced by Mark Johnson, Barry Levinson and Erwin Stoff, who is Reeves' manager at 3 Arts Entertainment. "Shooter" is being targeted by Paramount for a start date late in the year, after Reeves finishes starring for director Howard Deutch in the Warner Bros. gridiron film "The Replacements."


Keanufest is an annual event which is a funky experience for all Keanuphiles. It is the only formally organized gathering of Keanu fans in the U.S. (damn.. what about everywhere else?) In previous years, this event was held in a Cape Cod cottage for three days (1996), a Vermont Chateau for four days (1997), and a Cape May Victorian mansion for six days (1998). It has averaged 20 women from all over America and Canada, married and single, ages 25-72, and all shapes and sizes. One-third of our participants are repeats. This year, Keanufest will be held in Bethany Beach, Delaware the week of June 13th (Sun)- June 18th (Fri) 1999. Activities include group experiences (chats, games, contests), as well as time alone reading articles, viewing tapes and pictures, many previously unseen. Meals are communal with themes, such as our "Point Break" lunch of tuna on wheat, and our "Dracula" dinner with steak-on-a-stake. There will be special activities, like our phone interview two years ago with Keanu biographer Sheila Johnston, and last year's "Bard on the Beach."

WHEN: (already said that but anyway..)Guest will arrive anytime on Sunday, June 13th, and will depart anytime on Friday, June 18th. Activities will begin Sunday night at 6 pm and will continue until Wednesday night. Guests will have all day Thursday to pursue their own interests.

COST: $200.00 a person. This includes cost of lodging for five nights and 12 communal meals. In order to meet deadlines set by the realtor, guests are requested to mail in a $50.00 deposit with the balance due at scheduled intervals.

RESTRICTIONS: (There's always restrictions aren't there?) This event is limited to 15 guests and restricted to women 21+ years.. ****For further information about KeanuFest Email Cheryl***