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If this isn't one of the coolest Keanu Sites around then I really wouldn't have a clue to what is...This site has the main information about Keanu Reeves and really awesome stuff

Keanu Fever

Pretty cool page on Keanu Reeves, contains sexy pics, groovy links and moreeee! Check it out

Emily's Keanu Corner

Probably the sweetest and cutest Keanu Site on the net. It's got really cute pictures of him and lots of interesting information.

Galaxy of Keanu

Cute page about Keanu Reeves with a cool clicking booth. The pictures of Keanu here are really special.


Doesn't the name say it all? Absolute Keanurama Crazy!Has very old pictures of Keanu and Keanu themes.

Planet Keanu

Adorable site about Keanu, but doesn't get updated as often is what I heard?? Still, its a must to see.


This site had lots of information, pictures, news, and just generally groovy Keanu stuff! Keanu fans all must enter the KeanuWorld...

Reeves Drive

Desktop themes and all lots of other interesting things to make your computer Keanu-lly spunky! You can find pictures of Keanu and River on this page too!

Keanu's hole in the wall

Cute page...its even better now since the owner of the site took down the part about Keanu's love life. The pics are cool.

Keanu Reeves Galleria

The absolute coolest pictures page of keanu reeves. its just a great page altogether

Keanu & River

The Best and Worst of Hollywood

I'm soo disappointed because the links don't work for me on this Keanu & River webpage If it does for anyone else please email me because I'm just dying to see the stuff on this page cause Keanu and River are cool!! My browser must really suck.