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Stuff on Kee ahh noo that may interest/interestyou

You can write to him at -

Keanu Reeves
7920 Sunset Blvd.
#350 Los Angeles, CA 90232

It has been said he doesn't read his mail, but I guess if ya lucky he might get bored...and you never know. He has said that reading fan mail would take time up from him spending with his family or something like that.

Stalking or Stalkers

insert evil look

No!!! Stalking is a no-no! Respect Keanu Reeves & His Privacy For all the love of Keanu and God respect his privacy and his love life.Just think about it as your life. You want someone taking pictures of you and yelling out questions to you everytime you leave the house? no..

MTV movie awards

Keanu Reeves will be at the MTV Movie Awards this year. yay. Set your VCR's. I'm not sure of the date yet but I'm sure it'll be soon. Then again, it'll probably take ages to be aired in Oz after its aired in America. People with Foxtel or Optus Vision are lucky

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