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~My World Of Enchantment~

Welcome to my place of magick and wonder..Mystical beings and beleifs are every where. All of them here or there..A Faerie spell perhaps?Ahhhhh..the beauty of it though. Get your best of brew and come with me to my Enchanted World.It is sure to please.Nothing both you and I cannot handle I'm sure.. Go to my links and learn about me and my Faeries.I also have an ICQ button so you can see if I'm online or not.Most of my pages are Graphic intense, So you may need to hit reload to get the full effect.Enjoy your stay and please come back and see us!!!!

~The Faerie Qveene~

Me thought I saw the grave where she lay
Within that Temple,where the vestall flame
Was won't to burne,and passing by that way.
To see that buried dust of living fame,
Whose tomb faire love,and fairer vertue kept,
All suddenly I saw the Faerie Qveene:
At whose approach the soule of Petrarke wept,
And from thenceforth those graces were not seene.
For they this Qveene attended,in whose steed
Obliuion laid him down on her herse:
Hereat the hardest stones were seene to bleede,
And grones of buried ghosts the heruens did perse.
Where he spright did tremble all for griefe.
And curst th'accesse of that celestiall thiefe.

By:Edmund Spenser

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Dance like no one is watching
Sing like no one is listening
Love like never been hurt
And live like heaven on earth.

~Author Unknown~


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Opens her tiny hand filled with Faerie Dust and blows it to this magick number..making a wish for it.