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~Crystals & Stones~

Stones have been used for centuries for different uses...we can wear them,carry them or carve them....I use these everyday for my meditation...I make gifts using beads (necklaces..bracelets..earrings..what-nots) according for friends and family as well. I can't remember a time in my life when I had never one of there around my neck,wrist or ankle. I'm still learning about stones and thier uses as well as the old days and how they were used for healing.This information is from generation passed down and some I'm still learning on the way. Hope you learn to love,appreciate and respect your stones as Earth intended. Rub your stones for maximum results!!

~Amethyst~..calming,grounding,a cleanser and spiritual stimulator,yin yan balance,strenthens the heart,cleanses liver of toxins,excellent for lung problems. positive energy,harmonizes yin and yang.
~Adventurine~..soothes emotions,used for the heart and heartache,for acceptance of self and others,for inner peace.
~Black Crystal~..absorbs all forms of negative energies.
~Bloodstone~..offers courage,endurance,harmony,used to stop bleeding,helps in making decisions,and to invoke peace in all who are drawn to it.
~Bone~..soothing to the touch,rubbing will increase the sheen,strengthens your resolve.
~Carnelian~..sacred to Isis,protective,aids concentration,access to past life data. and harmony.
~Citrine~..generates radiant,happy vibrations,helps thoughts to be clear and emotions controlled,raises thinking to intuitive levels,on a physical level it can be used to help eliminate toxins from the colon,gall bladder and kidneys and entire eliminative system.
~Crystal~..all healing,amplifies personal thought-forms,transmutes energies and forms protective shields around the universe,good for meditating, relates to the heart,protects from negative energies,(cleanse regularly).
~Diamond~..balancing,works with yin yang energies,often known as the "dream stone" aids in bringing teachings of the dream state into concious awareness,very highly attuned spiritually.
~Emerald~..heart stone,great harmonizer,love,balance,understanding.
~Garnet~..sexuality,stimulates happiness,peace,balance,patience,inspiration,persistance,good for re-birthing,menstruation and life passages,blood disorders,fertility,eases arthritis pain.
~Glass~..radiates your energies and repels negativeness.
~Hematite~..a very grounding stone,very cooling to the physical body,used for fevers,alleviates worry and anxiety as it allows for mental clarity,often known as the "worry stone".
~Ivory~..spiritual protection.
~Jade~..cooling,water element,soothing.healing.
~Jet~..sacred to Pan,helps to confront darker aspects of self and nature.
~Lapis Lazuli~..opens and clarifies the 3rd eye(inner vision)provides strength, vitality and self-assurance,used for disorders of the throat,heart,spleen,blood, skin and to counter effects of stroke and epilepsy,also good for dream work.
~Moonstone~..calming effect on the emotions,stimulates the pineal gland,assists in stimulating the feeling(intuitive)nature,eases pain,alleviates many degenerative conditions in the skin,hair,eyes,and body fluids(tears,digestive juices).
~Onyx~..stabalizing,mirrors all aspects of the self,dark as well as light,transformative.

~Pearl~..purity,chasity,emotional clarity.
~Peridot~..promotes digestion,eases ailments in the digestive system,used for protection,prosperity, happiness,emotional calming,purifies,balances.
~Rose Quartz~..self-esteem,self love,friendship.
~Ruby~..compassion,leadership,heals relationships with father.
~Sapphire~..aids spiritual understanding.
~Tiger Eye~..sacred to Bast and Sekhmet,helps to ditinguish between actual need and false desire.
~Topaz~..protects against insomnia and depression,mood elevator,revitalizes,very stimulating to the creative thinking processes,eases death.
~Turquoise~..known as the "sky stone" excellent for spiritual attunement and healing of the energy centers and the physical body,valuable for grounding as well as vision quests and astral travel,purifies all levels of being and is capable of handling strong negativity,also used for wounds and for damage to bones.
~Wood~..natural insulator,buffers your feelings and emotions.

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