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Pretty cool for a Faerie huh? Well,I thought so *giggles*...A page would not be complete without knowing just a tad bit about the author right? So this one's for you guys'..I live in the woodsy southern part of mississippi..I fell in love with this place well over 9 years ago. I'm surrounded by creeks and the river is close by. I go to them as often as I can and it's always so beautiful and peacefull!! I was studying Animal Care but things came up and I never finished :( I want so much to study marine biology. So I figure by the time I'm 50 or 60 I would have acheived my goals in life..*giggles* I was birthed in the city of New Orleans 1965... I'm a single mommy and have 4 children: Dawn/Jade/Seth & Dakota... We have 3 pups {Uppies, Sir Duke & Marty} and 2 kitties {Dauber & Squeek} (I love kitties).I also foster parent kittens & puppies...Or what other critter needs me at thier time of need. I practice the old religion ...I use candles,herbs,flower essences and gemstones.All for good of course and to never harm anyone. My hair is auburn with golden high-lites very long and straight down to my butt. A little me I am...I stand 5' tall...These eyes are faerie like..dark brown the evenings if I go out..I usually outline and paint them black makes them seem bigger and sexy of course *lol* ...My weight is 105 lbs. and I'm very energetic and wear smiles most the time. You can see me in baggy-ass jeans and over-sized t-shirts..but some days a tank top sometimes long dresses. I exercise, take vitamins and herbs and drink lots of water(but coke rules and beers...Oh Yeah Baby!!) I take herbal remedies instead of medicine if at all possible. Other methods I rely on is message,aromatherapy and my chiropractor..I have added some of my favorite things and links so if you need know more about me please feel free to browse or even e-mail me if you have comments,suggestions or just wanna become an online cyber-bud....Thanks for visiting my world and have fun..Love Ya' !!!!



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Theatre Des Vampires

There are faeries in my garden
My mommy told me so
She said if I were quiet
I'd see them come and go.

I've sat in my garden
For hours and hours I have sat
And never seen a faerie
Just my kitty cat.

I know the faeries live there
Cause mommy told me so
They must be hiding way inside the earth
They do I know,I know.

I'm going again to my garden
After tea to-night
I must see those faeries
Well you know I might!!

A Healthy woman is much like a wolf:

We are both social creatures,longing for packmates,
capable of great strength,
fiercly loyal,territorial,
and beautiful!