F.D.N.Y. "The Battle Continues"     Volume 4
74 minutes.        

Starting with a 3rd alarm in a 1 story commercial building in Queens, to a Bronx 2nd alarm in a row of taxpayers, to a 4th alarm in Manhattan. This video is loaded with heavy fire and action. David Spira captures Brooklyn's Bravest battling a stubborn 2nd alarm in a auto salvage yard, then onto an 2nd alarm in a wooden pallet yard. 
Available on VHS only

F.D.N.Y. "The Battle Continues"     Volume 3
64 minutes.        

Brings you to the heart of the action. Watch as heavy fire vents out the top floor and roof of a 3rd alarm apartment building in Queens. FDNY operating at an overturned corrections bus with 40 persons on board. Fire Line brings you to the scene of a 4th alarm in a large 2 story commercial building, where our cameraman arrived with the the 3rd due engine. Plus 7 additional multiple alarm fires. Available on VHS only

F.D.N.Y. "The Battle Continues"     Volume 2
60 minutes.        

Starting October 1999, with a a 4th alarm in the Soundview section of the Bronx. Our videographer arrived on scene with the 2nd due engine. A 3rd alarm in Brooklyn's Bushwick section in an occupied wood frame private dwelling. An All Hands in a vacant private dwelling in Flushing Queens. A 4th Alarm in the Belmont section of the Bronx in a taxpayer.  An explosion and collapse of an attached dwelling in the Boreum Hill section of Brooklyn where 5 alarms were quickly transmitted. A 2nd alarm brush fire in the College Point Section of Queens. Plus 4 additional incidents round out this video.          Available on VHS only


F.D.N.Y. "The Battle Continues"    Volume 1
60 minutes

This video, the first in a series of exciting new videos, is all F.D.N.Y. It features action packed video footage of what you want to see. From a first due job in Brooklyn's Greenpoint section to a bricked up vacant in Harlem. From a fully involved private dwelling in Queens to a fully involved vacant multi dwelling in Manhattan this video is a must for any avid F.D.N.Y. fan.
Available on VHS only

F.D.N.Y. "The Battle Continues"     WTC 09-11-01
52 minutes.
Fire Line Video's videographers once again bring you to the heart of the action. From after both towers were attacked through both of the tragic collapses, and onto the rescue and recovery operation. It is our intention to provide you, our viewers, with an idea of the conditions that existed on 09-11-01, as seen through the lens of our cameraman. Most of this footage has never been seen before. 
WTC 09-11-01 has been honored with an Aegis, Communicator,Telly, Omni, and Videographer Awards.
10 awards in total.
Available on VHS or DVD

F.D.N.Y. "The Battle Continues"    BRONX 7th Alarm
32 minutes.

On March 27th 2001, FDNY battled a 7 alarm blaze in a row of 16 attached wood frame dwellings. This video features views of the roof operations, heavy fire and an almost untenable smoke condition exists, to the ground operations and a partial collapse of one of the dwellings. Hear the fire ground and dispatch radio traffic.
Available on VHS only

 FIREGRAPHIC   was one of the first video series of fire ground footage exclusively featuring the FDNY. Producer & videographer Vic Nicastro was able to capture The FDNY battling the red devil. Either riding with the rescue or making it to a "worker" on his own, Nicastro captures the battle with this early 1990's action footage. Incidents on this 3 tape series have fire ground transmissions, natural sound, fire fighter interviews. Some incidents contain images of injuries, viewer discretion is advised.

FIREGRAPHIC      Volume 1
60 minutes.             8 Incidents
This video was recorded in early 1990's and was released in 1994. Videographer Vic Nicastro captures heavy FDNY action. The first of the 3 tape series it  Begins with an Queens All Hands in a multi dwelling, then heads to a blaze in a private dwelling, continues to a taxpayer, then on to a fire in a tire shop. Video has natural sound, with some fire ground radio transmissions. 
Available on VHS only

FIREGRAPHIC      Volume 2
60 minutes.
The second of the three tape series. FIREGRAPHIC is a action packed video series that was Produced by Videographer Vic Nicastro and captures the early 1990ís action. Volume 2 contains 8 incidents. Some scenes show injuries and viewer discretion is advised. Non stop action, with some fireground radio transmissionís, natural sound and two firefighter interviews. Originally released in 1994
Available on VHS only

FIREGRAPHIC      Volume 3
60 minutes.             9 Incidents
The third and final tape of this video series. Volume 3 contains 9 incidents that were recorded in the mid 1990ís. Heavy non stop action, with fire ground radio transmissions, an interview and is partially narrated. This video also contains mages of injured persons and viewer discretion is advised. Originally released in 1996
Available on VHS only

 Boro's Burning is a 3 tape series that was released in 1997. These videos are 
action packed with excellent camera work and editing. This series never 
received the recognition that it deserved. If you are a fan of the FDNY this series 
should be added to your video library collection. 

BORO'S BURNING      Volume 1
60 minutes.
Originally released in 1997. The first of this action packed video series. Volume 1 is filled with F.D.N.Y at itís best! Looking for mid 1990ís FDNY footage? This video has it!. Includes natural sound rig shots and action, action, action.
Available on VHS only


BORO'S BURNING      Volume 2
60 minutes.
The second in this action packed 3 tape series. Volume 2 contains lots of heavy FDNY action footage. From commercial buildings to private dwellings this tape has it! Includes all natural sound, an interview and more shots of the early 1990ís rigs. Volume 2 contains 7 incidents.
Available on VHS only


BORO'S BURNING       Volume 3
60 minutes.
The last of this action packed 3 tape series Volume 3 boasts of F.D.N.Y. action footage from through out the 1990ís. Natural sound, interviews and more rigís of the 1990ís
Available on VHS only



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