Fire Line Video Productions
Presents the video series


Originally released in 1998
This 3 tape video series was produced by Fire Floor Productions

Volume 1
Contains the following 8 Incidents:

60 minutes

                                Brooklyn:  2nd Alarm       3 story Commercial Structure
                                Queens:    3rd Alarm        2 story Stores with offices above
                                Queens:    5th Alarm        Taxpayers   43 St. & 48 Ave.
                                Bronx:      3rd Alarm         1 and 2 story Restaurant
                                Brooklyn:  2nd Alarm        2 story Brick stores with dwellings above
                                Queens:    2nd Alarm        2 story Taxpayer
                                Brooklyn:  3rd Alarm        Taxpayer
All Hands         Frame Private Dwelling

Volume 2

Contains the following 7 incidents.
60 minutes

                                Queens:    3rd Alarm      3 story Commercial Structure
                                Queens:    3rd Alarm      3 story structure
                                Bronx:       3rd Alarm     1 story warehouse
                                Bronx:       2nd Alarm     6 story Multi dwelling
                                Brooklyn:   3rd Alarm     Taxpayers
                                Queens:     All Hands      Private Dwelling
                                Queens:     3rd Alarm     1 story Commercial

Volume 3

Contains the following 9incidents.
60 minutes

                                 Queens:      2nd Alarm         Semi-Attached Private Dwelling
                                Brooklyn:    2nd Alarm         Taxpayer
                                Brooklyn:    2nd Alarm         2 Story Commercial
                                Queens:      2nd Alarm         Vacant Mansion
                                Bronx:        3rd Alarm           6 Story Multi Dwelling
                                Queens:      3rd Alarm          Store with Dwelling Above
                                Queens:      2nd Alarm         Private Dwelling
                                Queens:      3rd Alarm          Private Dwelling
                                Brooklyn:    2nd Alarm         Occupied Multi Dwelling


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