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BRONX  7th Alarm

FDNY: "The Battle Continues" Bronx 7th Alarm

BOX 2709:    1328 College Avenue at E 169 Street 

VHS Color 32 Minutes Narrated 

Images On This Page Are From The Actual Video

On March 27th 2001, FDNY firefighters battled a 7 alarm blaze in a row of 16 attached 
frame dwellings in the Morrisania section of the Bronx.  Engine 92 and Ladder 44 were first due to 
this fire and upon arrival found heavy fire in a 2 Story Frame Attached on both sides.  A 2nd Alarm was 
transmitted on the arrival of Battalion 17.  Moments after the arrival of Division 6 a 3rd Alarm was 
transmitted and a 4th Alarm was struck moments later.

Our 32 minute video features roof and ground operations giving you an overall perspective of the 
conditions at the scene.   A heavy loom of smoke could be seen throughout the five boroughs of the city.  
Fire rapidly spread throughout the common cockloft of these attached row frame occupied dwellings. 
Firefighters performed several "Trench Cuts" in an effort to stop this rapidly spreading fire. Video footage 
from the roof of a 6 Story Multiple Dwelling opposite the fire building gives you a birds eye view of the entire 
fireground operation. Heavy fire and an extremely heavy smoke condition exists throughout our video. 

Witness a collapse of the adjoining exposure into the street as heavy fire and smoke consumes 
the building.  See the Fire Commissioner, Chief Of Department, Chief Of Operations and other staff chiefs 
discuss tactics in front of the fire building. Our video features the new nozzle currently being tested by the 
F.D.N.Y.  and  is being used by 93 Engine. 

Listen to the Bronx Dispatcher sound 7 tones prior to announcing the 7th alarm. If you are a fan of 
the F.D.N.Y., or a firefighter that worked this fire, our spectacular video is a must for your collection!

Complete with Fireground Handi-Talkie and FDNY Radio Communications

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