New York City, New York

Fire Line Video Productions would like to thank you for visiting our web site. 

Fire Line Video was founded in New York by Professional Videographers and Editors. Our video experience dates back 
to the early 70's as freelance news cameramen and our experience in documenting a scene continues today. 
It is our intention to bring YOU a high quality firematic video of firefighters everywhere doing "battle."

Since our inception I've been asked why use the title "The Battle Continues?" That answer is simple. 
Firefighters everywhere regardless of whether paid or volunteer do their best to keep life and property safe. 
From extinguishing a blaze, removing trapped victims, to administering first aid or just offering reassurances to 
someone in time of strife is a "Battle" of sorts. It takes manpower, strength, knowledge, equipment and most of 
all courage to complete this assigned task. Unfortunately, these daily battles go unnoticed. Only the really big 
ones make the evening TV news. But defeating the red devil doesn't go unnoticed. We know almost everyone 
owns a video camera. That's why we formed Fire Line Video Productions. We hope that the amateur 
videographer will capture that action and allow us to put it on video for the rest of the world to view. 
Your town may only have a "big one" once, but, if you have it on tape and send it to us we can help 
you show it to others who enjoy watching a good battle!

Since I was a small child, in my teen years and now in my adult life, it always amazed me how 
firefighters RUN to a situation albeit a burning building, car wreck, explosion or grandma's cat stuck in a tree. 
Firefighters are always eager to help, most always have a smile on their face. Always seem fearless 
to the unknown dangers that lurk ahead and still charge unceremoniously ahead ready to do "battle." 
In all my years as a buff, time spent at fire scenes, drills, musters, conventions, drinking coffee in firehouses 
or shooting the bull with firefighters everywhere one phrase always seemed to pop up. "Battling the red devil." 
Additionally, the Fireman's Memorial on Riverside Drive & 100 St in Manhattan 
is dedicated to soldiers in a battle that never ends.

Hence, "The Battle Continues." In our opinion "THE BATTLE" will always continue because someone, somewhere 
will need help and in my opinion firefighters will always be there to help.

Fire Line Video Productions dedicates each and every second of video on our tapes, to all the 
unsung hero's who put their lives on the line every minute of every day in any city or town to keep us safe. 
To that we say:
Thank You!

We also cannot forget the Bravest of the Brave for their supreme sacrifice, for you shall always 
be remembered and may God hold your families in the palm of his hand!

Please support the New York Firefighters Burn Center

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