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     "Hello, and welcome to Godzilla Tower. The tower is over 150 feet high, and in the shape the monster Godzilla. Inside is a museum devoted soley to the monsters, western and oriental. All sorts of monsters are displayed, ancient and new. The tower was originally built near Tokyo in 1972 by giant cockroaches from Nebula Space Hunter M who were bent on world conquest, but this new tower has a less sinister agenda. We thought the tower was a good idea, very good in fact. So we made this one, the American Center. It's full name is "Godzilla Tower of America". So look through the tower, enjoy, and don't worry, we replaced the laser in the mouth with a giant can of "Raid".

Chairman of "Godzilla Tower of America" Inc.

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This site is dedicated to the people who own,
run, and rebuild Osaka Castle, Tokyo Tower,
the Japan Capital Building, the Tokyo Mobiloil Station,
and all those other landmarks that seem to always be
targets for destruction by whatever giant
monster goes near them.

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