- March 5, 2004 - Monthly Newsletter  - Issue #9 -


Hello reader!

As you can see, there have been some changes in the colors of this newsletter and the same happened in the site. The layout is still the same though. I hope that you won't mind this change, but if you have any critic or suggestion, know that it's always welcome.

The Library section has a special feature, the book review of "Hell Cop", written by David C. Burton. It's a story about people who work saving others that mistakenly go to Hell, and these saviors have to deal with all kinds of dangers. On the review's page, you can find information about the author and how to get a copy of the book.

Apart from that, our Library has the biography of the great English poet Percy Shelley, whose life was filled with adversities, which he faced proudly to the end.

The Darklore section has an article about the Illuminati, a secret society that supposedly exists and that may have involvements with the satanists and the masons. Do you know that some people say that all of the US presidents were illuminati? Take a look on the article to know more.

The Music section and the Visual Arts one, have the biographies of two exponents of the dark arts. The first has the biography of the British Black Metal band Cradle Of Filth, and the second has the biography of the illustrator Luis Royo.

The Movies part has the review of Ingmar Bergman's movie "The Seventh Seal". It's a very beautiful and mystifying film, in which a cruzader meets with Death on his way home and tries to learn the truth about life.

This month's literary contribution is the last part of Andrew Wooldridge's story "The Coven".

Finally, as always, the Image Gallery has three new pictures, accompanied by excerpts of the Elizabethan poets John Donne, James Shirley and John Fletcher.

We all wish you a very good month, full of happiness and progress. 

Your webmistress, Marion Phillips

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Book Rating:
††††† = devour it at once
†††† = eat it in three bites
††† = worth a bite 

Rising by Brian Keene †††

In this strange horror story, the dead are returning to life as zombies. Jim Thurmond's son is in danger and he goes to his aid, taking a preacher, a scientist and an ex-prostitute. On the way, they fight with both the living and the dead, and face a great evil in the end.

Many scenes are extremely detailed, since Keene is not hesitant to walk over someone's concept of "taboo". This could make a book hard to read, but in Keene's hands it's masterwork. Though he's relatively new to the mass market, his writing is as good, if not better, than most popular writers out today.

However, I would have liked a little more character development and a little more atmosphere. A few cliched scenes aside (the gang's dialogue at the zoo and the blanket attitude of all the military), this was a fast read and I was entertained for most of it.

The ending was a little bit of a letdown, but hopefully there will be a sequel sometime in the future. If zombies are your thing, this book is jam-packed with the undead.

In Dark Places by Michael Prescott †††

This is a great story, but it's too graphic in its violence and it may not please most people.

Robin Cameron is a psychiatrist who has created a device that can heal criminals, by intervening in the area of their brains that deals with old angers and that consequentialy cause their criminal behavior.

Her most promising patient is the serial killer Justin Gray, who murders high school girls. As he doesn't torture them, nor abuse them and is an alcoholic as a means to deal with the killings, he's considered one of those who can certainly be healed.

There's also a LAPD sergeant called Alan Brand, who confessed having murdered people. When Gray escapes and soon after Robin's daughter is kidnapped, the psychiatrist doesn't know whom to blame for the kidnap and suspects both the cop and the killer.

While searching for her daughter she's going to meet the worst of the human nature. There's great suspense through the story and no character can be trusted. All of them were involved in some violent situation. Things get more and more twisted until the surprising end comes. 

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- Darklore:
Illuminati & NWO - Masonic satanists who are plotting a big change in the world? Consider this one of the strongest paranoias of our society.

- Music:
Cradle Of Filth - One of the most controversial and talented Black Metal bands.

- Library:
Percy B. Shelley - The great master of English poetry.

- Movies:
The Seventh Seal - On his way home after the Cruzades, a warrior meets with Death and tries to learn the truth

- Visual Arts:
Luis Royo - One of the main illustrators of the Heavy Metal magazine


- Library's Special Feature: David C. Burton's Hell Cop book review

- The 2nd and last part of Andrew Wooldridge's story "The Coven" at the Stories & Poems section

- 3 new illustrations in the Image Gallery, with excerpts of John Donne, James Shirley and John Fletcher.

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- Goth Culture Timeline - ever wanted to know how the goth culture developed through the centuries? Here you may find your anwers.

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