Illuminati & the N.W.O.

 by Heidi Keller - March 5, 2004

mason symbol on the one dollar billMen who have psychic abilities and are establishing a new order in the world. These men can be satanists, the heads of the Mason societies, and also, aliens, the world leaders, etc, etc, etc. Know about one of the oldest and most durable paranoias of the Western world: The Illuminati and their New World Order.

The All-seeing Eye

Once upon a time in the revolutionary 18th century France, more precisely on May 1, 1776, the secret society Ancient and Illuminated Seers of Bavaria (AISB) was created by the German professor of canon law and jesuit Adam Weishaupt, in the University of Ingolstadt.

The Illuminati doctrine would be a mixture of Masonic mysticism, Sufism and Hatha Yoga. The Eastern influence on those gentlemen would come from the involvement of the Knights Templar with the Order of The Assassins, a secret society that existed in the 11th century in the Middle East, whose members used to consume hashish so they would be fearless killers.

The Templars' knowledge would have passed to the Masons, as legend tells that The Order of The Temple, which ended at the end of the Middle Ages, continued existing through all this time as the Masons and the Rosicrucians. As there would be several Masons in the group that formed the Illuminati, this way, the Templars' wisdom would have been preserved by them.

But there's still another source for the illumination of the Illuminati...They may be the heads of the Masons, those who rule over the Great Masters of the loggias, or societies, that exist throughout the world.

If you don't have a clue about who the Masons are, here's some info: The Order of the Free And Accepted Masons is a secret society that exists in almost all countries. It's open to men of all religions, and only atheists and women aren't accepted in it. It started in the Medieval Europe as a guild of stonemasons and in time they started to accept men from other trades.

Its purpose is to promote the freedom of thought and expression, religion or politics, and it fights against any kind of absolutism. There are several personalities of the Western history who were members of this order, like Voltaire, Goethe, Beethoven, Mozart, Napoleon Bonaparte and George Washington. The independence of the U.S. and the French revolution were two political changes promoted by them.

a meeting - originally a Granet paintingBecause of the secrecy and mystery that surrounds the members of this order, all kinds of ridiculous tales have been said about them. Their members aren't allowed to talk about the meetings nor to reveal themselves as masons, and so the reason for such confusion.

The Freemasonry symbol is the G surrounded by a compass and a square, which symbolizes men's search for perfection, God and ethics. On the 1 dollar bill, this symbol is represented by the eye (God) inside the pyramid (the compass and the square).

Some say that the eye inside the pyramid is instead the symbol of the Illuminati and the Latin motto "Novus Ordo Seclorum" (A New Order Of The Ages), the proof that they exist and rule the world.

Some people use to translate the motto as "new world order", but this translation isn't accurate. Also, the inspiration for the motto comes from a verse of the poet Virgil's "4th Eclogue", in which he says: "Magnus ab integro seclorum nascitur ordo", which means "A mighty order of ages is born anew".

Other origin of the secret knowledge of the Illuminati may be Atlantis. Those who promote this possibility, say that when the mythological continent was destroyed, the priests and other important people moved to Egypt and helped forge their mystical wisdom.
Centuries later this wisdom was spread through the Middle East, where in the 11th century, it would be entrusted to the Templars, as said above.

Where is the light?

Those who consider them satanists, base their opinions on the meaning of the word Illuminati, which is a plural of the Latin word Illuminatum and means "one who is illuminated". As Lucifer is the "angel of light" or "light-bearer", the Illuminati would be his followers.

Another source of this opinion is that the group that formed the order at the end of the 18th century was composed of Francis Dashwood (the leader of a satanic club), the Marquis de Sade (a lewd nobleman and pornographer), Meyer Amschel Rothschild (a banker), the already mentioned Weishaupt and a friend of his called Kollmer.

In this version of the legend, they would be behind the marxist idealism and the nazism. Their purpose would be to control the common, non-illuminated humans under their totalitary rule.

The origin of this order would be in the 16th century England, under the rule of Elizabeth I, who allowed the alchemist John Dee to establish the Freemasonry in the country and tolerated his abuses.

Scientists like Giordano Bruno, Galileu Galilei, artists like Leonardo da Vinci, rabbis, bankers and even killers like Jack "The Ripper", all of them would be involved in the wicked designs of the order.

Everyone's To Blame

Now, do you want to know the flaws in this magnific dark tale?

Those who support this story and claim it to be true, are members of some of the most reactionary societies that exist in the world, as the Lyndon LaRouche organisation and the Liberty Lobby.

the illuminati - originally a Testament album coverThe members of these societies are anti-semitic, racist, extremist pentecostals who preach religious intolerance, neo-nazis, that is, the garbage of humanity. The members of the Liberty Lobby even say that the Holocaust didn't exist!

As these organizations are mostly based in the US, they use to accuse the American government of covering cases of murder and child abuse in satanic rituals, child prostitution in the White House, of faking terrorist attacks, so that they'll take the freedom of the citizens and blame this on the attacks.

They also tell tall-tales like a secret slave market that may have happened in Las Vegas in which American anglo-saxon children would have been sold to Middle East magnates.

The New World Order conspiracy (a.k.a. Operation Monarch) blames the CIA for mind-controlling people to become drug users and sex slaves. When the NWO takes hold of the world, all the prisoners will be shoot and 3/4 of the world's population will be destroyed...or so they say.

When asked why this conspiracy isn't more talked about in the media, the believers have an obvious answer: the worldwide media is being controlled by the Illuminati.

The main problem with those who spread this theory is that they aren't open for discussions. Their points of view, no matter how uninformed, distorted or unlikely, can't be questioned and when they are confronted with opinions diverse from theirs, they tend either to wave that opinion away as non-important or accuse the confronter of being a spy, a satanist, etc.

All opinions need to be questioned, even if the result will be the confirmation of that opinion. If someone doesn't stand criticism, doesn't want his opinion to be questioned and gives shallow explanations, this person is probably lying.

As always, keep your mind open and beware the lies.

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