Hell Cop by David C. Burton

- A March/2004 Special Feature -

by Marion Phillips - March 5, 2004

hell cop book coverThis unusual story is about a man called Getter, who's a "hell cop", an specialist in saving souls that accidentaly are sent to hell, taking them back to purgatory. This occupation is very dangerous because these specialists can be trapped in hell forever if they die there. 

Getter's present mission is to rescue a ten year old girl, but he soon notices that Hell is even more dangerous than it used to be. Some of his companions have been disappearing, including his brother-in-law, and the demon Mephisto is planning to take control of hell and overpower Satan.

With the help of another hell cop, Sneaker, he'll have to fight in this war and in the end run to save his life from the wrath of Mephisto.

David Burton showed great creativity when he created several strange and violent animals that inhabit his Hell. There are the "jumpbugs" that eat anything that lives and crawl on the walls; the "tongue vines" that are a kind of carnivore plants, which love to eat the "jumpbugs" but also anything else that may be in their reach; "wylie e coyote" that is a beast that has 7 feet and attacks anything that moves, among others.

The details are rich and the narration fast-paced, which makes you get in the story and want to go on reading until the book is finished.

David C. Burton works as a custom cabinetmaker in Colorado, US, and writes novels and screenplays. His first book "Manmade For Murder" was published by Write Way Publishing and was a Detective Book Club selection.

He already earned several prizes, as 1st place in the Peak Writers Conference in 2001 and in 2002, and 3rd place in the Colorado Gold Writers Conference in 1998.

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Hell Cop - David C. Burton

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