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by Marion Phillips - this site owner - April 5, 2004 (4th update)

This text was written so that you can be assured of the use we make of the personal information  you may leave with us on our newsletter, link request and tell-a-friend forms, or on our guestbook. As this is a free hosted web site, this Privacy Policy refers only to the use I - as the site owner - make of the information you may leave here.

As much as the Angelfire site isn't responsible for the contents or activities of this site, I'm not responsible for the use Angelfire may make of the information they gather from the sites they host and I can't even be totally sure of the kind of information they gather.

So if you have any more doubts that aren't answered on this page and that have to do with Angelfire, please go to the host's main site angelfire.lycos.com and take a look at their own privacy policy.

If you find any other subject about this site and its services that isn't clarified here, please let me know through email or our guestbook.

On to the subjects:

  1. About IP addresses

  2. About Cookies

  3. About the advertising banners

  4. About email addresses of the Dark Chamber Newsletter's subscribers

  5. About information left in the Link Request and Tell-A-Friend forms 

  6. About this site's contents

  7. About our Guestbook

  8. About the artworks and texts you may entrust us to show on this site

  9. About the reproduction of articles, book reviews, illustrations, stories or poems featured on this site

  10. About special book reviews

  11. About your use of this site, its Newsletter, forms, Guestbook and Forum

1. About IP addresses:

Our Bravenet counter doesn't mark IP addresses. If you don't know what is an IP address, know that every computer has a group of numbers, that makes the so called IP address and that this number identifies the computer. However it registers informations about how many visitors we have per day and details about frequency and top visit times.

This use isn't unique, as almost every site, either the free ones that can only view traffic statistics through the counters, or paid domains that register this information in their log files, make use of this information to structure better advertising campaigns.

But other Bravenet services that we have register IPs, as the forms. Also the tagboard used as a guestbook, registers IPs. However we won't make use of the IP addresses to anything, except in case of abuse of the person that has that IP. If that happens, we'll use the IP to block the person from using the service.

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2. About Cookies:

No cookies are used here. Any cookie that may be put in your computer comes from Angelfire, not from us. As far as I know, this is only used to ascertain how many people see an advertisement. The cookies don't affect the computer and don't collect personal information, according to what their privacy policy says.

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3. About the advertising banners:

I'm not responsible for the advertisings that appear at the top of each page. These are placed by Angelfire, so that they can keep their hosting service free. Until this moment, although I dream with my own domain, I can't afford it. So I hope you'll bear with us, and enjoy what we can offer you, in spite of the inconvenience the ads may mean to you (it means to us as well...).

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4. About email addresses of the Dark Chamber Newsletter's subscribers:

I don't sell, share nor give any information on the emails to any person nor enterprise. These services are hosted by Bravenet and they also don't make use of them, as far as I can know. This information isn't hosted in this site, but it is hosted in the Bravenet site. I can't assure you how completely secure this information is. 

Basically, the subscribers' emails are known only by me, the site owner, as I'm the owner of the service account. Any doubts visit their site: bravenet.com.

There aren't ads on the email (at least in the moment), you won't be sent third-party's emails and the subscription is free. The newsletter is always sent every day 5.

I'm totally against spam and to unsubscribe the email that is listed from the mailing list, you just need to send me an email, with "unsubscribe" as title, use the same form you used to subscribe, or click the link that is at the bottom of my newsletter. I'll never send you any other email again, if you don't request it.

Another detail I'd like to point out, is that if the email you used to subscribe bounces back when the newsletter is sent, I'll delete this address of my mailing list after two newsletters are sent and get back with an error message.

This can happen if your mail box is full, or in the case of AOL emails, if the system thinks the newsletter is spam. One of the solutions for the AOL problem is to include our email in your email's address book.  But if the message still doesn't get through to you and you want to receive the newsletters, contact me and I'll try to find a solution to this with your help.

If you have any other doubt on this matter, know that I'm always open to help. You can contact me through email: or through the guestbook.

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5. About information left in the Link Request and Tell-A-Friend forms:

I don't sell, store nor make any use of the email addresses that may be typed in the Tell-A-Friend. This form is used only to pass the information to another person and I don't have any way to know about it.

As for the Link Request form, the only use that's made of the information sent through it, is to include the site properly on the right page and the email is used to inform the site owner that the link has been added. 

After the link is placed and the site owner is notified of it, the email address is deleted.

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6. About this site's contents:

I'm responsible for the appearance of this site, but the articles, stories, poems and illustrations are of total responsibility of those who made each one of them.

The contents of this site can be viewed by all ages, although some violence and sensuality can be found here, no erotica nor racial, religious and cultural prejudices are shown, which means that the matters discussed here are probably more attractive to people above 14 years old and are much more cleaner than many things showed on TV, for example.

The sources of the information we provide in our articles are double-checked, but if you find any inaccuracy, please feel free to inform us. However, know that we'll check your opinions for the veracity of them. This site is made for all of us Gothic art fans and our objective is to provide reliable information to you.

Thank you in advance if you find some mistake and take your time to correct us! :)

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7. About our Guestbook:

You're free to leave any comments, suggestions and critics on our guestbook and these may be answered there by me. So if you leave a comment and you expect it to be answered, check our Guestbook in a week at most and you'll find your answer there.

Know that offensive comments will be deleted and that through time the system that generates the Tagboard will delete the older messages eventually.

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8. About the artworks and texts that you may entrust me to show on this site:

The rights to the artworks or texts you may leave with me to show on my site belong totally to you. I make no claim to them and if any of these days you decide to ask me to take them from the site, I'll do it right away, without further questions.

Also you are totally responsible for what's written or shown on them, as said above - see nē 6.

I decided to forbid reproduction of any content of this site outside it, but if people are interested in linking to some text, they can do it, but only on certain terms - see nē 9.

In case you don't want your story or poem to be linked by other sites, please let me know. This link system isn't applicable to illustrations, as in this case, the link can only be directed to the Image Gallery page.

Know that the texts won't be edited nor censored in any way without your prior consent, but eventually the texts may be divided in several pages if they are too long. The limit of length per page is of 4 Word program pages (around 2200 words). This also means that I accept texts of any length, with no limit of words.

If the texts are divided in two or more pages, each one of them will be published per month, until the end of the story. If you prefer that all the parts of the story are published in the same month, let me know.

Here are some guidelines that I would like you to follow:

Just another detail: this site is updated only every 5th day of the month and I try to be punctual with it as much as I can, which means that when you send me a text or an image, it'll only be featured in the next update. Don't think anything bad of it, because this is even an advantage to you, as your works will receive a greater attention from the public.

I hope to provide you with a good and increasing exposure for your talents, as I'm always trying new ways to promote this site.
Thank you for your interest!

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9. About the reproduction of articles, book reviews, illustrations, stories or poems featured on this site

We don't allow the reproduction of any of the works displayed on this site on other sites, newsgroups or forums. If you want to mention one of our articles, stories, poems or books reviews, please only link to the text on this site.

If you link to the text and would like me to add a link to your site on the Recommended Links section, please send an email to this address . On the message, let me know your site's link, which text you want to link to, on which page the link to the article appears (I'll only exchange links if you send me these information and it's correct).

I'll visit your site, I'll add your site's link to my Recommended Links section and I'll send you the link to the text you want and information about where I added you link. I'll keep the link to your site for as long as you keep the link to this site.

If your idea is to use one of the illustrations featured on the Image Gallery, know that they're not for reproduction outside this site anymore. If you want to mention this site's Image Gallery, just show a link to it.

Thank you for your interest!

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10. About special book reviews

As I don't live in North America, there may be problems for books to be sent to me for review, so what I can do is an article about your book and for this I'll need information about the storyline, an excerpt of it and a short biography of yours.

If the fact that I don't live in North America isn't a problem to you, just email me asking for my mail address. I'll contact you as soon as the book arrives here, which may take from 1 week - 4 weeks or more, depending from which part of the world you'll send it.

A link to the publishers' site as well as to any other site that may be selling the book and to your personal site - in case you have one - can be shown on the article's page.

The article will be shown on the next update as a Special Feature, and when the following update is released, it'll be archived in the Library section.

This article won't be lended for publishing elsewhere, and if you want to mention it on your site or your publishers', you can link to it only.

You can send your information to the site's email:

11. About your use of this site, its Newsletter, forms and guestbook:

By using this site and its services you consent with all the above specified information. If any changes are made to this Privacy Policy, these changes will be featured on this page.

Any questions, feel free to send them to our main email: Remember to include a clear subject title on the email, please! Or leave them on our guestbook.

We of the Dark Chamber staff wish you the best entertainment here!

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Marion Phillips - April 5, 2004

Copyright Š 2003-2004 Marion Phillips