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Le Coin Franšais

Pattonville High School Rule For Using Internet and Software for Class Accented Letters (for PC)
Accented Letters (for MAC)
MICROSOFT TEMPLATES (including APA) Art Online! Medieval History and Vocabulary Student Pages for Class
Rodin and Claudel Books (including Dictionaries to Purchase) Web Page Tools LIENS (LINKS for French, including ONLINE DICTIONARIES)
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our page is continually under construction....

please check back again for additional pages on:
  • APA Format and other Microsoft Templates
  • WEB TV and WEB RADIO en franšais (see LIENS above)
  • e-cards en franšais
  • getting an E-Mail pal / participating in a bilingual Discussion Forum
  • weather around the francophone world
  • webcams around the francophone world
  • the cathedrals of Autun and Chartres
  • Paris
  • links (liens) to French cultural and language pages (see above)
  • student pages ( Created in 2001! See link above... you'll find biographies on Van Gogh and les peintres du Petit Boulevard, en franšais, and student pages on Romanesque and Gothic Cathedrals)

until then...
Bonne Lecture!

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