May 2001

May 3, 2001 Thursday

I haven't worked on my web page in a long time. In April, my cat had to be put to sleep. I was really upset, I was the one who had to take her to the vet and get the bad news. On Easter, my mom got me a new cat that looks just like my old one. I just thought of writing this b/c she is meowing. I spent Easter with Chad's family, his mom's side. They are a lot of fun.
Last weekend I drove to Texas to see Chad. I drove from St. Louis, Missouri. That wasn't very fun. It was a long drive. I can't believe I actually did it. I went by myself. We spent all weekend together, from Friday to Monday morning. He was really supposed to go back on base but he broke curfew. It was really nice spending time with him, like we usually do. There wasn't a lot to do there. We went swimming, to the mall a few times, to the park a few times, and saw the waterfall there. We also went out to eat. But......
The bad thing is... I had requested off Friday and Monday from work. My boss was being a jerk. He told me I could have Friday but he couldn't find someone to replace me on Monday. Well, I didn't make it back on time and he knew I was driving and that it was far. So, I needed those days to drive there/back. So, I lost my job. This really sucks. I have applied to four places, two which are summer camp jobs, so they don't start until June. That doesn't help right now. If I had left Sunday morning I would've only been able to spend one day with him, Saturday. (he was in class friday night) That means I would have done more driving than seeing him or spending there. That's rididulous to me.

May 31, 2001 Thursday

I didn't write all month again. Well, it's the last day of the month so I thought I would add something. I'm glad it's going to be June b/c that means it's closer to when my boyfriend comes home.

I found another job the same week I lost mine. I went and interviewed the next Monday and started working that day. It's the same thing I was doing before, working with kids. Less hours but better pay. That job ends June 8th b/c the kids get out of school. But then I start my summer job for a different school district. I am working a summer camp full time. I need to save up money for school this fall...

I am taking the big plunge.. only not that kind of plunge..I am going away to school in the fall with Chad. It's a small Missouri town. The biggest store they have is a Wal-mart. There's nothing to do there except drink and we don't do that so...I guess I will have to study. I don't even like school. I haven't found something I like and am really interested in yet. I also keep changing my mind about my major.

I have an appointment June 11th with an advisor at the school to sign up for classes and whatever else. I can't make any of the orientations b/c of work. They won't let me sign up on-line b/c you "have to" get advising. Whatever. So, meanwhile the classes are full or are almost there. That really sucks b/c nothing is left.

Also, I sent my money for a dorm room. I requested a single and I got it. This is a verrrryy good thing b/c I did not want a roommate. The reasons why are too lengthy to go into. So, now I know what dorm I am going to be in. It doesn't have air conditioning. Yuck. It's going to be really hot. So, now Chad needs to get his and hopefully get one near me.

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