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66 Dart Suspension Mods

66 Dart Frame Connectors

This page, just like the Dart itself, is under construction.
(First started 2/17/00)
Updated: 2/08/01

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Frame Connectors

The pics below are after I cleaned up the floorpan.
Quite a difference a little wash thinner makes.

Here are my "homemade" frame connectors. They were made out of 4'x2"x3" 1/8" tubing. I relieved the floorpan (3rd picture) a little in order for the connectors to sit flush. They will only stick into the pass. compartment about .5". A little extra padding under the carpet and nobody knows!
Update:2/8/01. I used the first set of connectors on my convertible and learned a few things about mounting them while doing the convertibles floorpan. The pictures below are of the second sets installation on the 66. Almost a year after I first started the project!

Here is the cutline that I used. I made a template of the stock frame rail out of a piece of cardboard then cut the pattern out using a sawsall.

This is the front end of the connector. I added the slotted holes in order to be able to make a "plug" weld. This way there will be no doubt in my mind that they aren't connected well.

Drivers side rear.

Drivers side front. I will be making a bracket for the E-brake cable to move it to the bottom of the stock framerail. The stock position of the cable is right in the middle of the connector.

Front, Pass. side. Notice the tranny crossmember has been modified for dual exhaust.

Remember to drill your holes for your E-Brake guide if you plan on using it again. I forgot to do this when I did the connectors on my convertible and had to do it under the car when I went to reinstall the E-brake cable. That was not much fun.

This is as intrusive as the connectors get. They stick into the floorpan maybe 3/8 of an inch. Again, a little padding and nobody is the wiser

I have finished off the subframe connectors and welded them in solid, including welding them to the floorpan. I have also started adding the 4 speed transmission hump and driveshaft loop.

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