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Ever wonder what kind of crazy ice cream flavors those kids over at Hasbro like to eat? Want to know what party games get the gang going in Rhode Island? Well finds out the answers to the questions that you've been dying to ask!

We here at Teen Beat find out what heart-throb Josh Blaylock is up to these days! Who's he crushin' on and his favorite places to hang! Read it then punch yourself in the face!

Matt Jackson's real life Transformers pictures had to be taken down because of too much traffic to the site. I will let know when I have them again!

Bobish Jello - GIJoe and Cobra art!

Anaconda Review

TrapJaw Attachments

Zanya's Origins?

Hey look! GIJoe Prices has E-cards now! Screw you Hallmark! E-Cards

And if you are picking one up go here, Pick up E-card.

Ninja Viper Bust Club was stupid and is now gone!

Here are a couple wallpapers I made for you. You are welcome. (These wallpaper images go down sometimes because they aren't hosted on my site and when my site has too much traffic these pictures don't show up. So if they aren't there now try back later.)


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Silhouette Soldier - Mystery Figure

Bronze Bombers Packaging

Letter from Hasbro regarding the O-ring HERE

Wondering what the letters in A.V.A.C. mean? Here's your answer(s)!