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About the Price Guide  

About the G.I. Joe Price Guide


First off none figures listed are for sale! This is just a pricing list! Please don't email me asking for figures.

1.) So what happened to Qeelocke?

A - He's still right here, this is no longer Qeelocke's GIJoe Price Guide but rather Qeelocke was the little time/space traveler from the comic Gen13. But for all intents and purposes that would be my name while taking on Webmaster duties.

2.) So why integrate two very different things like Gen13 and G.I. Joe? They have nothing in common.

A - Shut up! They have this website in common.

3.) How come you don't have prices for the convention figures? (I.e. Under Cover Scarlett or Cobra Jinx)

A - I do...they are all worth a katrillion gazubillion and twelve dollars apiece.

4.) I heard you are a dork, what are you having for lunch?

A - Well I planned on going to...Wait! Who said I was a dork...never mind I know who.

5.) If there is a price for a loose vehicle driver and there is a price for a loose vehicle, does the price of the vehicle loose include the driver?

A - Add the price of the loose driver to the price of the loose vehicle.

6.) Can you tell me (in a very long paragraph) more in general about the price guide?

A - I will give it a shot. In the price guide the figures and are listed alphabetically along with the year they were made, version of the figure and the series they were released in. There are two prices for each figure, a Mint On Card/Mint in Baggie (MOC/MIB) price along with a Loose price. MOC(MIB) prices indicates a figures still on card (or in sealed baggies for mail in and convention figures) with no creases, tears, bends or other types of blemishes that take away from the card. Any of those would bring down the price of the figure. If there is a V in the MOC/MIB column that indicates a figure that was released with a vehicle and you should refer to the Vehicle Price Guide and the appropriate vehicle for the price. The loose prices indicate a figure that is complete with all weapons and has no paint fading, no loose limbs, nor broken parts, any of those things would bring down the price as well.

Also the images used on this site are taken from various places, some are mine. Most of the front page images are taken from the Battle Files Source Book released by Devils's Due and modified a bit by myself. Other images are from the cartoon and original Marvel run of the GIJoe comic.

For the first series figures there is only one price each, which I would say is a good average of the straight arms and the swivel arms. An asterisk next to a figure's version number means it is a variation of an already released figure. The prices in this guide are taken from two action figure price guides, both magazines prices are averaged to give a more accurate price. If you would like to see the figure or vehicle you are looking up Ive made each figure's and vehicle's name a link to their corresponding info page on (HUGE thanks to YoJoe for letting link to each figure, that really made the site!). Any comments or questions just use the email address above; any feedback would be appreciated. I really hope that this site helps other collectors and is as fun for you to use as it was for me to make it. Thanks!