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Personal Watercraft Racing

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This home page is dedicated to Personal Watercraft Racing in Region 7 (Southeast Region). I am located in Northwest Florida, the Panhandle.
Hi, I'm Britta Moore, I race Personal Watercraft.

As we get older we start sitting down


1997 Race Season

I would like to thank the sponsors for 1998:
Skat-trak Performance Products I'm proud to add you to my sponsors.
Slippery When Wet - Thank you for your support, proud to have you.
Pensacola Motorsports - Thank you, it is going to be great!
Jetblast PerformanceThanks to Gary Holbein for his help tuning my boat, it sure made a difference.

1998 was very interesting, I managed to collect enough points to be the 1st place woman in here in region 7. LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ World Finals here we come!!!

World Finals 1998

The above picture was taken at the 1998 World Finals. Things did not work out as we had planned. I was shooting for a top 10 finish, little did I know that the women from the westcoast would be so aggressive and fast. I qualified 5th in my heat race, managed a 10th in the first moto after missing some buoys, and getting hit really hard a couple of times. The second moto did not treat me any better, I was running in 8th and really charging hard. I finally caught up with the woman in 7th on the last I was charging her, I overcooked a turn and highsided off my boat. By the time the course marshall got me and took me back to my boat the leaders had come around and the race was over. Boy was I disappointed. My finish for closed course is 15th place. Due to a bad slalom finish my overall ended up to be 16th place. Not the greatest, but I was there, made it into the main and know now what I have to improve on.

I wanted to take time out and thank everyone at Pensacola Motorsports. Jim, Debbie, Craig and the rest of the crew are really great people, do check out their web-page, and when in the area check out their store. I have gotten so much support from them before and after the finals.Thank you guys so much.

I want to take the time to thank my sponsors for 1999.
Of course first and most importantly my husband without whom this would mean so little.
Pensacola Motorsports, Slippery when Wet, Sight and Sound Service Center, my Mother-in-law Dorothy without whom I would not have been able to leave work to attend the finals, and last but not least Skat-trak.

After struggling all year, spending lots of money on fiberglass repair and fighting for points against a great many wonderfull other women novice racers here in region 7 I managed to get a 2nd Place points standing to go to the world finals which are Not!!!in San Diego but back in H A V A S U C I T Y , A Z. We will see you there!!!!!!

There are also several local races scheduled, through Surf and Turf Promotions. Mike Young is doing a really great job with this venture.
World Finals 1999

Here is the update on what happend in Lake Havasu City, AZ: after a really bad start in the 1st qualifing heat I was forced to go to LCQ, where I got the hole shot and finished in 2nd place. (I don't care what anyone says, the inside of that split was definately faster and it showed every time) The next day the main came around and my boat would not run real good, it kept getting water in it, ended up with 15th.... after re-attaching the sponson on the left side of the boat, we thought we had the problem fixed and off I went for the second Moto.... but the boat had already ingested so much water that it just would not clean out. However since the other women were dropping out like "flies" I got lucky and ended up with 12th in the 2nd Moto running on only one cylinder, with a fair finish in slalom I ended up being tied for 14th with another girl. My good friend Devlin made it to a 4th overall finish, be sure to check out her web site Race 2 Win
The days after the Novice finals were great. Earthquakes and Desert Sand storms kept us on our toes the rest of the week.

What's next? I truly don't know, if the IJSBA does not get their "stuff" together the sport will end up in the dark beyonds of the "never never land" I personally hope that they'll get it going.

The year 2000 started with a move up to the expert class, and a return to the "roots", in addition to racing the runabout class I went back to riding ski once again...

Grenada, MS "Thunder on the water" 2000

I guess it has finally come full circle. With the first race of the nationals being held in Ft Walton Beach i.e.' our backyard so to speak; my husband urged me to race the national tour "for experience", so I did, both Runabout as well as Ski. Macon, GA (Round 2)
Macon GA National Tour Stop 2000
wasn't that far either so we went there as well. Then came Galveston, TX and so on and so forth, well to make a long story short, after all was said and done I won the NATIONAL TITLE in the Expert Women Ski class
Award Ceremony Chicago IL, Aug. 2000 National Title Expert Women Ski
and finished a solid 3rd in the Expert Women Runabout 0-1200 class

After the national tour the debate was whether or not we'd attend the World Finals, we decided to compete only in the Runabout class, thinking that the Stock "quacker" (Kawasaki) Ski would not be competitive, neither was my 785 Seadoo a disappointing 5th place kept me out of the main.
World Finals 2000
So I used the time to cheer on my friends.

Devlin Whitlock

Hazel Herm (l) Lynne Roberts (r)

The year 2001 came with lots of disappointment, pain and suffering. After abusing my shoulders for 3 full years racing and training, my doctor decided that I would be better served to lay off for a year and let the "old bones and joints" recover and heal. After numerous sessions of physical therapy, rest and more rest (yawn......)I've finally been ok'd for training again... hopefully we'll have a women's class for the year 2002...

Besides racing my other interests are: Aqua Aerobics (wateraerobics) and my dogs (children LOL)
This site is still in the construction stage, I will be adding pictures and some other information and other links. Please check back to see what develops.

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