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My Dogs, Bundles of Joy

I would like to introduce you to my dogs, they are brother and sister, littermates they were born in Feb. of 1987, they are husky, retriever mix. They are getting old, and are finaly calming down a little. They come with us whenever we go out to ride our personal watercraft, and during training breaks we exercise them in the water.

I know many of you who have dogs can tell some stories about what they have eaten, destroyed and chewed up.
How about the barbeque? They actually managed to drag the grill off the deck into the back yard, chew the cover into little pieces and then proceeded to chew the handles off the lid of the grill. The coals were everywhere, and the leftover pieces from the white felt of the cover made the backyard look like a winter wonderland. Needless to say, they haven't had any BBQ leftovers since then.
Buck the male used to eat the tags of all the blankets and towels we gave him to lay on. Boo the female likes to dig, I caught her yesterday digging up the seeds I had just planted last weekend. She looked at me rather innocent as if to say:"I was only trying to help you, mom." They are very good companions though, and even their size is something you get used to, she weighs in at about 80 lbs and he weighs about 100 lbs. Most people that meet them for the first time are apprehensive, and won't make any sudden moves (good thing too, it would scare the dogs, ha ha)

In October of 1998 the day we left for the world finals I had to say Good bye to Buck! A very agressive growing cancer had destroyed his spleen, liver and kidneys. To give you an idea how fast this cancers spreads: the dogs just had a complete (and I mean complete) physical in the middle of August. The vet said that this is a very common cancer in older big dogs, however it can be detected early with an ultra sound and various blood tests. Please do yourself a favor, to avoid the pain of loosing your best friend to this cancer have the ultra sound and blood tests done. If detected early this cancer is very treatable. I am sharing with you a picture of Buck and I (sharing a dog biscuit LOL)

Boo developed cancer also, in August of 2001 she had surgery to have tumors on her side and chest removed, hoping that we had gotten them all we went on as usual, unfortunately the cancer had already spread. By February it had spread to the brain causing major seizures. On February 10 we had to end her suffering.

Our newest family member "Jo-Jo"
Jo-Jo at 14 months


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