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Aqua aerobics

I am an AEA (Aquatic Exercise Assn.) certified Water Aerobics Instructor. I instruct at Milestone Aquatics Club, a facility that is dedicated to quality as well as diversity. I am also a member of the Gulf Coast Aquatic Professional Network (GCAPN). Anyone interested in this organization is welcome to join us at one of our meetings (every 3rd Saturday of every other Month at Milestone Aquatics Club in Pensacola)or contact the president at .
The benefits of Wateraerobics are many: quality aerobic exercise without the jarring of regular aerobics, the buoyancy of the water takes the weight of the joints which enables people that usually could not exercise to enjoy cardiovascular conditioning, wateraerobics has been shown to combat osteoporosis, and it is just plain fun. If you are interested in wateraerobics, contact local colleges (if they have a pool) or contact your local YMCA or YWCA (if they have a pool).


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