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Acting Naturally

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Station Deep Space Nine

As Vedek Bareil (1993-1995)
"In The Hands Of The Prophets"

Vedek Bareil, the introspective, gentle in line to succeed Kai Opaka

"The Circle"

Major Kira seeks inner peace at the Bajoran monastery

"The Siege"

Disguised to enter the Vedek's Assembly


All play & no work...

"The Collaborator"

A new Kai is chosen...Winn, not Bareil


"I'd like to get to know you a lot better..."

"Life Support"

A senseless accident ends the unfulfilled promise of Vedek Bareil to bring peace to his people. He is gone forever... or is he?

A Special Dedicated Page Honoring


Philip Reflects On His "Star Trek" Experience:

"Deep Space Nine was a strange and exciting journey (which sounds like the original Enterprise mission!). And that journey was taken with a large group of people, of such various origins and outlooks, with a common goal: the achievement of the best.

What was constantly absent was cynicism. Everyone loved the work, loved the series, loved its success. I have never been among such an assemblage of perfectionists. And idealists.

Imagination, in all its voracious wanderings, was the fountainhead. It was the treasured resource, yet in abundant supply. There was a chain reaction of imagination, one person's sparking another's and another's. A bright brilliant Milky Way of imagination held together by ceaseless industry.

Now to the hard part: to write about my pleasure in the work. Hard because it took so many forms -- with the character, the writing, the actors, the crew, the worlds, both galactic and interior. Too brief, over too soon, work that felt a part of my life, that I wanted to continue for my life.

What I do have today is the afterglow fueled by the continuing kindness and graciousness of the viewers who write me. You all keep the joy alive. You are a central part of the uncynical, perfectionist, idealist, imaginative universe that I encountered at Paramount on Sound Stage 17 and 18.

I cannot thank you enough."

~Philip Anglim~

Philip Anglim as Vedek Bareil

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