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The Las Vegas Hilton Hotel was host to the “Creation - Real Deal” convention in August, 2002.

Philip Anglim, who portrayed the gentle cleric, Vedek Bareil, was a featured guest.

The charity breakfast on August 4th was an extra special event, reuniting Nana Visitor and Philip, whose relationship on DS9 had touched so many fans. A fundraiser silent auction of various memorabilia took place to benefit the actor’s favorite charities.

As was the case with Philip’s appearance at FarPoint, fans are asking if he will attend other conventions in the future.

Reunited: Major Kira and Vedek Bareil (aka: Nana Visitor and Philip Anglim)

Our honoree: Philip Anglim

Lovely Nana Visitor
Photo credit: Susan Jancso

Philip and Susan Jancso
Photo credit: Susan Jancso

Autograph table

Fans were thrilled to see their beloved Kira reunited with Vedek Bareil. (WHY was his character killed off??)

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