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A man beams into Ops from open space and Kira is shocked to see the resemblance to Vedek Bareil, her dead lover. The Major is taken hostage, as the intruder demands a runabout.

At the landing pad, the intruder raises his weapon to hit Kira over the head, but she parries the blow & flips him to the floor, rendering him unconcious. Awaking in his cell, he remarks, "This is the cleanest interrogation chamber I've ever been in..."

Bareil is freed upon Kira's insistence that he didn't really intend to harm her, & that he was seeking sanctuary. Strolling the Promenade, he encounters Kira again in front of the Bajoran Temple. He is fascinated by their faith, & Kira tells him of the love & respect her people had for Vedek Bareil, the man he resembles. As they part, she has a second thought, & invites him for a meal of "Klingon food".

At dinner, Worf is not impressed with Bareil's escape-from-death story, & insists that no one could steal a mek'leth from a Klingon warrior. From under his arm, Bareil produces Worf's own mek'leth, cuts the dessert with it, then offers it to Worf. "I believe...this is yours," he says slyly.

Bareil escorts Kira back to her quarters, where she invites him to join her for a raktajino. He relates a story about his past as a thief, & his lost lover, Lisea. "I know what it's like to lose someone too," Kira says, taking his hand. The similarities of their lives cause an attraction, culminating with a passionate kiss.

Intrigued by Kira's explanation of the Orb of Prophecy & Change, Bareil meets Kira at the Bajoran Temple. They wait for a Vedek, as Bareil has accepted Kira's suggestion to have an Orb experience.

He saw many things - the other Bareil Antos, the Prophets, & a vision of redemption. Confused & subdued, he related his feelings to Kira, then headed for his quarters, exhausted by the experience.

In his quarters, Bareil finds the Intendant waiting for him. Unfortunately for Bareil, she only LOOKS like Kira. Beyond that, there is no similarity. Impatient, she has made an early rendevous with Bareil, & presses him for details about the Orb. "Today you're a thief, but tomorrow, once we bring our prize home, you'll be the bearer of the Orb..." she coos. With a wry smile, he says, "Just call me 'Vedek Bareil'."

Taking a hint from Quark, Kira confronts Bareil in the Bajoran Temple, as he prepares to steal the Orb. As she tries to convince him that he can change his life, the Intendant steps in to taunt her "twin". "Look at him, it's important that you see him for what he truly is." she hisses. She turns to Bareil. "Tell her how you were using her," the Intendant commands. "That everything you told her was a lie, that every time you touched her, all you could think about was me." Bareil's reply was a stun-shot from a phaser. "I'm a thief," he says to Kira. "I belong with her." Stoically, Kira replies, "Then you should go". Picking up the multi-dimensional control, he nods to Kira, taps the control, & the pair dematerialize.

Written by: Michael Taylor
Air Date: 11-17-97

The Prophets Are Walking With You!

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