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OK, I don't have complete information on many of the discs until they get here. Tracks and times may be present and may be wrong. It takes me a little bit of time to go through the discs, verify their quality, very the track lists, and then integrate them into the web site.

So, between the time the discs get here and the time the work gets done, I place them in New Arrivals. Hoepfully their stay here will be short, but sometimes it could be a week or two. It just depends on work and other commitments. Some of these have been here over two weeks now, for example.

The longest part is getting the track lists online and the disc's own page completed. So, since I was behind in Feburary, I decided to rate all of the Dylan discs and get the number of tracks and disc length for those discs online. Basically, I went through and added a ton of discs on March 2, but I did not do the actual tracklists for those discs yet. Those are coming soon.

If you want to secure a trade for one of the new arrivals on this page, great! Just realize that the ratings listed here are not mine...they belong to either an "official" page or to the person sending me the item. Also, the track lists (if present at all) might not be definite.

After I add the pages, they will stay a month or so in the Recent Additions section.

Like my other lists, I only list CDs and CDRs. I have LPs, videos, and cassettes as well and there is always a chance that a tape or video is coming in to me in exchange for a CDR.

Tori Amos

Fairy Tales CDR
April 29, 1994
July 29, 1994
Fairy Tales soundboard A
1 CDR 74 minutes no artwork
no tracks yet
no online review
for my wife...not reviewed yet

Counting Crows

Carving Out Our Names (incomplete) CDR
1996 various ? A
1 CDR 74 minutes no artwork
no tracks yet
no online review
not reviewed yet

Miles Davis

Live at Philharmonic Hall Giants of Jazz
February 12, 1964 Philharmonic Hall at Lincoln Center, NYC - 2 (2/2)
1 CD 8 tracks; total 73'11" original art  - no online review
w/ George Coleman (ts), H Hancock (p), Ron Carter (b), Tony Williams (d)

Bob Dylan

Is This Normal (non-commercial) CDR
February 13, 1999
+ filler
Normal, Illinois audience
(Sony MZ-R50)
not rated
2 CDRs Disc 1: 12 tracks, 73:13
Disc 2: 12 tracks, 71:56
digital art
no tracks yet
Setlist Comments
The trader says:

The sound is great. For those who asked about the equipment used, I recorded with a Sony MZ-R50 recorder and Core Sound Cardioid Mics. As filler I am putting the second half of the Carbondale 2/12/99 show. I screwed up recording the first half of this show (I had the recording level way too low).

I say:

This is the first concert where Brian Setzer and horns joined Dylan on some songs. Here's Bill Pagel's setlist for the show:

1. Gotta Serve Somebody
2. Million Miles
3. Watching The River Flow
4. She Belongs To Me
5. Silvio
6. Cocaine Blues (acoustic)
7. Masters Of War (acoustic)
8. Love Minus Zero/No Limit (acoustic)
9. Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic)
10. Make You Feel My Love
11. Ballad Of A Thin Man (with 4 piece horn section from the Brian Setzer Orchestra)
12. Highway 61 Revisited (with Brian Setzer on guitar)

13. Love Sick
14. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (with 4 piece horn section and Brian Setzer on guitar)
15. Blowin' In The Wind (acoustic)
16. Not Fade Away (with Brian Setzer on guitar)

Grateful Dead

A night at the Strand Skydisc
May 26, 1972 London Soundboard -
2 CDs 15 tracks; disk 1: 69'32";
disk 2: 71'16"
original art
no online review

Jimi Hendrix

Live in Paris Swingin' Pig
January 29, 1968 l'Olympia Soundboard 2.5 (2/3)
1 CD 9 tracks; 50'37 original art  - no online review

Paul McCartney and Wings

One Hand Clapping CDR
Fall, 1974 EMI, Abbey Road Studio video A
1 CDR 20 tracks, 74:18 no artwork
no tracks yet
Recorded live at EMI, Abbey Road Studio, for the never released video One Hand Clapping, Fall '74

Neutral Milk Hotel

Live At Lounge Ax CDR
April 25, 1998 Lounge Ax, Chicago, IL ? A
1 CDR 74 minutes no artwork
no tracks yet
no online review
not reviewed yet

Paul Simon

Song Book CDR
1964-1983 various studio A+
1 CDR ? no artwork
no tracks yet
no online review
His 1st album (1964 - not issued in states, not available on CD) combined with demos and outtakes and the oddball live performance from SNL thrown well as live tracks from 1968. I'm not sure...

The Who

Live At The Fillmore East CDR
April 5, 1968 Fillmore East, NY soundboard excellent
1 CDR 13 tracks no art yet
see below
The Who Underground
Summertime Blues, Fortune Teller, Tattoo, Little Billy, Can't Explain, Happy Jack, Relax, A Quick 1, My Way, Shakin' all over, Boris, My Generation, Young Man Blues.

The Who Underground says:

Live At The Fillmore East may be one of the best, if not the best, who boot available considering the recording quality and overall quality of the performance. It's a great cd!

One interesting note is that pete introduces "fortune teller" as being a new addition to the who's live act, and as one might guess, the song is performed a little bit differently than the later versions most of us have become familiar with.

The only disappointment is the fade out of "relax" and "my generation", and the fade in of "a quick one".

-review by Mike Kroencke

Recent Additions

The following items have been added to the main pages since February 2, 1999:

Bob Dylan

The Minnesota Tapes (1961) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

Folksinger's Choice (March 11, 1962) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

Live Finjan Club (July 2, 1962) [tracks] [added 2/5/99]

In Concert (1963) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

All Hallows' Eve And More (October 31, 1964) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

1965 Revisited Disc 4 (May 7, 1965) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

1965 Revisited Disc 5 (May 9, 1965) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

1965 Revisited Disc 6 (June 1, 1965) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

Don't Look Back (1965) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

Genuine Basement Tapes Volume 1 (1967) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

Genuine Basement Tapes Volume 2 (1967) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

Almost Went To See Elvis (1969-1970) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

Peco's Blues (January 20, 1973 and February, 1973) [tracks] [added 2/3/99]

Blood On The Tracks: New York Sessions (1974) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

Blood On The Tapes (1974) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

A Satisfied Man (November 11, 1975) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

Knight Of The Hurricane (December 8, 1975) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

Renaldo & Clara Soundtrack (1975) [tracks] [added 2/5/99]

Highway 49 Revisited (May 1, 1976) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

Hold The Fort [Lock Up The Warehouse] (May 16, 1976) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

Days Before Hard Rain (April - May, 1976) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

Child's Balloon (November 10, 1981) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

Rough Cuts (April 11 - May 8, 1983) [tracks] [added 2/11/99]

Hard To Find, Volume 3 (1962-1986) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

Never Ending Tour Rehearsals (May, 1989) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

First Supper (November 16, 1993) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

Second Supper (November 17, 1993) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

Genuine Bootleg Series, Take 2 (1960 - 1993) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

Completely Unplugged (November 17-18, 1994) [tracks] [added 2/11/99]

F*** The Playlist (March 30, 1995) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

Genuine Bootleg Series Volume 3 (1962 - 1995) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

Hard To Find, Volume 1 (1963-1995) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

Soul (June 17, 1996) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

Northern Songs (February 20, 1997) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

Back At Wolftrap (August 23, 1997) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

Don't Be Late (December 19, 1997) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

1997 Acoustic Compilation (1997) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

New Orleans (February 3, 1999) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

Nashville (February 6, 1999) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

Tangled Up In Dayton [non-commercial] (February 9, 1999) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

Bob Dylan And The Whistling Pig [non-commercial] (February 10, 1999) [tracks] [added 3/2/99]

Mercury Rev

audience MD>CDR (October 25, 1998) [tracks] [added 2/11/99]

audience MD>CDR (January 16, 1999) [tracks] [added 2/11/99]

Neutral Milk Hotel

audience DAT>CDR (March 4, 1998) [tracks] [added 2/11/99]

Pink Floyd

Green Is The Colour (September 17, 1969) [tracks] [added 2/3/99]

Echoes (September 30, 1971) [tracks] [added 2/3/99]


The Art Of Heart (July 27, 1988) [tracks] [added 2/11/99]

Chicago Session (April 8, 1991) [tracks] [added 2/11/99]

Neil Young

London 1971 (February 27, 1971) [tracks] [added 2/11/99]

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