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This is a plain page, sorry about that. I'm really just here for the music. I trade live and rare music on CDR. The discs I trade are sometimes called RoIOs, sometimes less-flattering names. I prefer RoIO, but you won't even see that term used here very often. I do not pirate commercial releases from any artist and I am not interested in that kind of material.

I only do trades. I'm not in this for money. Let me repeat this, I will NOT sell copies of the music found here.

Also, I would like all trades to be even on a disc-per-disc basis. I do not do 2:1's. I have little sympathy for people trying to start their collections by giving blanks in trade. I purchased around twenty discs before I made a single trade. I know that some folks find it bad to pay for these discs when the money does not go to the artist...I pretty much agree. I will still buy discs on occasion, though, simply for the artwork and because a pressed disc can be superior to a burnt copy ("Here the boundaries meet and all contradictions exist side by side." -Fëdor Mikhailovich Dostoevski). The point is, it is not hard to invest in something to trade.

I will entertain offers of cassettes for discs if it involves something I really cannot live without. While this could mean any artist, it usually only means ones I'm actively searching for right now. The current list includes the Beatles, Bongwater, Julain Cope, Counting Crows, Bob Dylan, Dick Gaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Material, Neutral Milk Hotel, Pink Floyd, Police, Sting, They Might Be Giants, Weavers, Weezer, and Neil Young.

The artists I have do not really reflect my regular CD collection and I'm willing to try almost anything. If you think I'll like a band, based on this list, you are probably right.

Rules Of The Road

Here are the few "rules" by which I trade. As you might expect, I will make some exceptions if you plead a good case. Please don't be alarmed by the number of items here, I'm really not that anal. These are answers to questions commonly asked during a trade. I just have them all in one place.

Wait Until You Are Ready. Please do not contact me about a trade unless you can burn the discs soon, within the next 10 days or so (or by the time I am ready..see the next item). Then, when you do contact me, please send a URL or a list of the discs you have for trade. Here is my preferred email address for new contacts.

Wait Until I Am Ready. Please do not burn any disc for me until I have emailed you that I agree to the trade. I will use the word "CONFIRMED" in the email message just to be very clear. I do sometimes get a bunch of trades all at once. As of Thursday, March 4, 1999, all new trades should be sent out by March 18 (14 days or so).

Keep Your MP3s To Yourself. They do sound worse. I will not accept anything mastered from a MP3. For that matter, you should tell me the source of the shows upfront, including whether they are store-bought CDs or CDR copies.

Use Brand Name Discs Only. We should agree to the type of discs used before the trade is finalized. I am currently using TDK 74 minute discs and they have worked fine for me so far. If you prefer something else, please let me know. I hope that you have tested the discs you use in a variety of players before you started trading.

Do Not Write On The Disc. It's just not good for them according to folk wisdom. Instead, place them in a sleeve and list the tracks there if possible. Ultimate Label Printer Pro (Mac and Win) can be used to print up a simple CD insert that you can then fold around the CD.

Record With Disc At Once (DAO) Only. If you do not know how to do this, consult your CDR software manual. Some burners do not support DAO, which might make you out of luck for a trade. The benefits of DAO include exact duplication of the original disc and customizable gaps between tracks. Setting the gaps to 0 for a live show is a necessity and DAO is the only way to do that.

Record At 1x Speed. I have noticed that all of the good traders do this and most of the bad do not. Some people say it's a myth that audio discs recorded at 4x have problems. I know for a fact that if I burn some discs at 4x they will fail in a few CD players, including the one in my car. So, I take the time to make sure my discs work in whatever player you have and I expect the same.

Provide Setlists. I provide the setlists to you in two forms and I expect the same. I will email you the setlist or you can download them from this site. In addition, I enclose the setlist for each disc in the package I send.

Provide Artwork. This is not really a rule, just a hope. I do not have the artwork for all of my trades and there is no real way to fix that situation. If you have yours though, I would like it. It is not necessary to print up a good color copy, although they are nice and gladly accepted. I do not have a good color printer here and cannot return the favor. Shortly after I send out the discs, I will place scans of whatever artwork I have online for you to download.

Do Not Ship Jewel Cases. I tend to buy my discs on a spindle, so they do not come with cases. It's best to keep your own then and save the postage.

Pad The Discs. I use a medium-sized bubblewrap lined envelope. I either use disc sleeves or paper to protect the discs further and keep them from touching one another.

Ship First Class, Priority Mail or Airmail. I usually ship Priority Mail in the states, but occasionally First Class if I'm tight on money. Priority tends to be under $4. Let me know if you absolutely do not want First Class. For overseas folks, I ship Airmail usually but sometimes Global Priority if I'm running late or feel you deserve a good turn.

Keep In Touch. Please email me when you accept the trade proposal, when you send out the discs, when you receive yours, and when you are satisfied with yours. My email, again, is

Do NOT Rip Me Off. So far, all of my trades have been good ones for me. I hope to make sure they are good for everyone else, too. You can keep me feeling positive by not cheating me in any way, including minor things like setlists. I have made honest mistakes and corrected them, so I will not be too upset about slipups from others. Just try your best and fix whatever goes wrong...

The Current Lists

Okay, you made it through all of that. I am very busy at work right now, so I can only guarantee that this site will only be updated once a week through the end of March. The last update was on Thursday, March 4, 1999.

Here are the lists:

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