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Bob Dylan
Renaldo & Clara Soundtrack

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Renaldo & Clara Soundtrack CDR
1975 various video? 3.5 (4 / 3)
1 CDR 20 tracks, 72:34 no art yet
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DBTW Review
DBTW says:

"I imagine this is as good as it could get short of an official release. For fans of Rolling Thunder, this will not disappoint."

I might disagree with this. I thought the sound quality on what I received could have been better. On some tracks, it definitely dips below a 4. There also seem to be some poor fade-ins on a couple tracks but that could be from the movie itself. Also, there's a pop in Tangled Up In Blue...but when I receive the 11/21/75 show, I can sub in that version if it is better.

Finally, based on my reading of Krogsgaard (all I have is 1980's "Twenty Years Of Recording," the disc is not sequenced correctly, omits some Dylan tracks, and adds at least one non-Dylan track. Regardless, if you are a fan of the period, you can't pass up the disc. You might want to get some of the 1975 live shows first, though.

1 When I Paint My Masterpiece 4:33
2 Isis 4:08
3 Ballad Of Plain D 1:39
4 A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall 4:51
5 People Get Ready 2:27
6 It Ain't Me Babe 4:58
7 She Belongs To Me 3:31
8 It Takes A Lot To Laugh 2:49
9 If You See Her, Say Hello 2:46
10 Romance In Durango 4:24
11 One Too Many Mornings 5:19
12 House Of The Rising Sun 0:41
13 One More Cup Of Coffee 3:57
14 Sara 3:31
15 The Water Is Wide/Patty's Gone To Laredo 7:44
16 Never Let Me Go 1:52
17 Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands 2:22
18 Tangled Up In Blue 4:17
19 Just Like A Woman 2:44
20 Knockin' On Heaven's Door 4:01

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