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European: Ukrainian Outreach


I've met 2 ladies from Ukraine (Tanya and Natilya), who have been coming to learning English at the Morris Literacy Project.

Natalia and Yuriy at Neil&Ruth's House before going inside the bana (see Russian) on Wednesday, October 25th 2006.
*unfortunately, we had to miss the ESL (Morris Literacy Project) classes that evening!

Ukrainian Food-Yummy!

After ESL classes on Wednesday, November 1st; Tony and I went over to Natalia's for good homestyle Ukrainian food..

Natalia and Ibrahim (Tanzanian) share a laugh together. These two both work and live at the West Central Research Outreach Center

Tony (Bulgarian), Vadim (Moldovan), and ? (Native American) chat a bit

Tony enjoying his almost "home" cook meal (soup-borscht)!

Farewell Party (Friday, Nov 17th of 2006) for Natasha

I believe Natasha came to Morris, Minnesota-U.S.A. on April of 2006. She worked for the West Central Research Outreach Center, which I really didn't get to meet her until she was invited by Tony (Bulgarian) to the weekly ESL Classes around September.

At the Farewell Party- many of her family (her brother and friends from Gertsens came all the way from the Twin Cities), friends, co-worker, and others that know her from acquaintances (e.g. Larissa from Costa Rica) came to celebrate. Natasha will be working for Gertsens in Inver Grove Heights (southern suburb of St. Paul) and leaving tomorrow-we'll miss her!

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*along St. Anthony Main in Minneapolis


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    Borscht, reddish vegetable soup

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  • CIA Factbook
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  • Travel

  • Lonely Planet
  • Ukraine
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