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African: Tanzanian Outreach


I met a Tanzanian for the first time when I was with a friend visiting Concordia State University in Moorhead, Minnesota. His parents were from India (Asia), which he identified himself first as a Tanzanian. Then I met Mary this year (Fall of 2005), which I decided to explore more of this country.

Story of Ibrahim

Ibrahim grew-up witnessing the very poor conditions of an area of Tanzania. He saw poverty so bad that he doesn't want to see it again. His career decision in life went towards agriculture, where he feels would "make a difference" to help decrease the poverty of starvation. Through a university (?) in Tanzania, he got hooked-up with the West Central Research Outreach Center in Morris-Stevens County, Minnesota-U.S.A. From his experience so far that began in April of 2006, he's been able to learn through "hands-on" and "classroom" (e.g. seminars) on agriculture. From his temporary place of residence (by his workplace), he told me (informal interview on Friday, November 17th of 2006) that he'll be furthering his learning experience at the University of Minnesota-Agriculture School in St. Paul next month.

An interesting story he also shared with me was a friend from ,Rwanda. This friend was the only survivor during the recent (90's) civil war between two major tribal groups-made infamous through the hollywood made movie "Hotel Rwanda". He survived by hiding in the bathroom during the sad inhumane murder of his family at their home. This friend hopes to be President of Rwanda someday!

Some other related facts Ibrahim shared with me was: Shaggy and many popular mainstream music artist has visited this county. Africa's tallest mountain (Kilamajoro) isn't located in nearby (western border) Kenya, but the actual peak is located and claimed by his country of Tanzania. Also, the country's name is from their country's abundance of Tanzanite.

Reccomended Resources


Ibrahim is planning to attend...
November 18, (Saturday) 8:00 10:00 p.m. Fadhil Nkurlu.
African inspired music by Tanzanian musician
New York Mills Regional Cultural Center>
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    "On the coast of the Indian Ocean too, slave-trading posts were set up by Arabs and Persians. The archipelago of Zanzibar, along the coast of present-day Tanzania, is undoubtedly the most notorious example of these trading colonies. East Africa and the Indian Ocean continued as an important region for the Oriental slave trade up until the 19th century."

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