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Latino: Costa Rican Outreach

Larissa, who works in town for Genti-Pork, chats with Ibrahim (Tanzanian) at a farewell party for Natasha (Ukrainian) on Friday, Nov. 17th of 2006.

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Costa Rica 2002

Dan Specht, Crystal Gilbertson, and Bill Royce teamed up togeter from Fargo's (North Dakota) Harvest Community Church (church planted by Outfitters for Adventure-Morris Community Church's mission church plant team) with James Berry.

Here is a report by Dan Specht on 7/21/02:

Hi all from Concepcion de San Raphael de Heredia Costa Rica! :)

On the map it will be called just Heredia if you want to see where we are. The people here are so friendly and we are all having a wonderful time! Each night we have had a service where one of us has shared. Crystal the first night, Dan (me) the second, and Bill the third and today. The services are held up in the mountains and it's about an hour and half drive up the location. The roads are really narrow and driving is quite an adventure! The first night the fog was so thick that you could barely see 5 feet in front of you. The services are held in different Costa Ricans homes in communities that have no Christian presence so this is all pioneer missionary work. There has been about 5-15 people there per service. They always serve great coffee afterwards! It has been very rainy and very cool (Yeah!) Even I have to wear a sweatshirt in the mountains. Last night we had a long hike in the pitch black of night through a muddy wet field on the side of a hill to get to the house that we were having the service at and we had a flat tire on the way home. Lot's of fun adventures and great times! For the first few days we had no running water and had to get it from a nozzle outside by filling up buckets. Bill and James Berry fixed the well and we eventually had water again. (We sure missed Neil's insight into plumbing :) Today we went to two church services. The first was in english and spanish and it is the Berry's home church (Crystal and I helped with sunday school). Then back to the mountains for another service where Bill shared and Crystal and I did Sunday school.

The Berry's house is beautiful and the Berry family is absolutaly the best! So friendly and hospitable. I look forward to showing everyone the videos I am making. I could write more but I think it is long enough :) It is a great time! (Although lots of ants, cockaroaches, and other unitdentifies species!) Please forward to anyone else you think might enjoy reading this.

If anyone has money to burn and wants to call us feel free we are here most nights after 10 and during the day off and on the number is 011-506-268-3356.

Dios te Bendiga!

Prayer Request (August 2002) from James Berry

Pastors and prayers,

I am writing this on behalf of the work on the mountainside of Irazu volcano. I thank the Lord for each of you, and how you have supported down through the years. We need a spiritual breakthrough on the mountain.

I believe that we are on the verge of seeing a steady stream of believers coming into the kingdom. And I believe many of them will be young people. There is much opposition. The opposition comes in the form of dead religious traditions. It has the people, both young and old, bound.

Tomorrow night, I am meeting with a group of young people. Some of them are folks that I have discipled in the past. Some are real steady in the Lord, and others are off again on again. My hope is that these young people can become filled with hope, and with the excitement of the gospel to reach out to their fellow 'roqueros' (young people who are into rock music) and see all of them tranformed by the gospel. There is much wisdom needed for this.

I desire to see pure repentance to follow the Lord. I desire to see immediate baptism after believing. I desire to see some of these older disciples, discipling the other young people. I desire to see the Holy Spirit put them to work immediately with bringing in other young people.

But I can't do it alone. Will you pray, today for the meeting tomorrow? Pray for the anointing of the Holy Spirit on our time together. Pray for wisdom from on high to present a pure gospel, that is filled with love and concern for these youngsters. Pray for fresh zeal in the disciples hearts to do the work of the ministry. Pray for total submission to the Lord and His ways. Pray for me that I will understand the Lord's desires for them, especially in the area of their being immersed in secular rock music. Quite frankly, the young people need young people to relate to, and they are there, but they need fresh understanding and revelation of the hope and the love that we have in our Lord. So please pray for these disciples and the potential disciples down the road. James

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