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Teachings: Hear from God?


"Gifts of Prophecy: Hearing from God by Ben Goodman and Stu Schulz

This past Saturday (March 24th of 2007), I (Sal) sat on a teaching given by Ben Goodman and Stu Schulz. Both of them have the "gift of prophecy", which was very credibile.


A. Stu led the session by asking everyone present, "Everyone who hears from God raise your hand?" (prett much everyone did). Then he asked, how? It was awesome to see and hear the different individual responses...

-phrases/bible verses
*best indicator to measure
-holy spirit speaks clearly
-dreams (one of mine)
-audible voice (Ben and Stu get this)

B. Stu shared how His prophetic word comes out through...

1. Spirit of Prophecy
-Worship Time because of His presence being invited

2. Gifts of Prophecy

3. Office of Prophecy

C. "What Can Kill You?" (what can destroy the prophetic word"

1. Fear of Man
2. Fear of being wrong
3. Fear of judgment


A WARNING he shared to those doing prophetic ministry or any type of ministry (e.g. counseling) is to "NOT take sides of the "victim" that we can relate (e.g. racism for me, chemical dependence, etc...) to"
*this is something that hit me personally as I've had some past mistakes (see ministry challenges)

He also taught about "not everything spoken" (from God) is meant for sharing. For example-super sensitive issue s (e.g. sexual orientation, sexual past, chemical dependency history, etc..) that are meant for individuals for interceding/praying for. If in doubt, talk to your pastor or church leader for advice. We just don't want any "church gossip" going around a particular church members' "super-sensitive" issue.

Other topics he shared are...

A. Character
1. Overcome fear (e.g. "man"-people) is doing what we are afraid of. Pride is one thing that keeps us down-"what would people think". Private worship time with God helps decrease that fear.

2. Love
a. 1 Corinthians 13
3. Money
4. Stereotypes/Expectations
5. Don't envy others
6. All Scripture is God breathed!
7. Pursue feedback
8. Attitude towards authority
9. Fellowship/mingling w/church family
10. Smile
11. Practice in small/homegroup settings!

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