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Life: Ministry

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"If we are the body, why is His love not showing them Jesus is the way?...-from Casting Crowns


Are you in part-time or full-time ministry (every believer in Christ is called to do this througth their words and actions 24/7!)? Here is a website to help equip those serving God in this "calling":

Personal Related Links:

  • Bible, reading God's word-"soul food"
  • Challenges, trying to do what you think is "good", but is it "God"
  • Church Building, the process...
  • Church Service, the process...
  • Deception, false prophets/evangelist, "wolves amongst sheeps", etc..
  • Deliverance, from generational curses, strongholds, and bondages of sin overall
  • Encouragement, good job faithful servant
  • Evangelism
  • Healing, physically and emotionally!
  • Intercessory Prayer, "prayer warriors"
  • Prophecy, word of God speaking to each of one of us?
  • Jail-Prison Ministry, resources for re-hab
  • Poor-Homeless, reaching out
  • Teachings, (e.g. spiritual gifts)on Scriptures
  • Personal Testimonies, a poweful individual witnessing tool


    Job Opportunities

  • Church Staffing, links to various openings!
  • Magazines

  • Ministry Today, magazine to equip the "church"
  • Pastor Appreciation Month (October)

  • Clergy Car Giveaway 2005, KTIS Radio (Twin Cities 98.5 FM)

  • "He's been doing well in taking his new role (since 2003?) as pastor of a growing rural college town church. The transition wasn't very easy in 2003 and he seems to be holding on despite some bumpy roads. I might not always agree with him, but I do my best to try to learn from his teaching of life experiences. There has been many transitions (pastors moving) in other churches in Morris, which Pat has been consistent. I see Pat trying to get involve in as many community activities (Most Excellent Way-chemical dependency ministry), Blandin Leadership Retreats, and civic activities) he can without spreading himself too thin. This has personally taught me to do the same! He knows when to take breaks, so he doesn't get overburned. Lastly, his sermons are pretty funny, which shows the congregation that we need to laugh during serious times!

    Praying Servant for Christ,
    Morris Community

    Casting Crowns - If we are the Body

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