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Ministry: Prophecy


Prophecy Reflection

On Friday, April 2nd of 2004-I (Sal) attended a special service my local church put on at the old church building. We had a guest speaker that was flown from North Carolina and another one from the Cities come do a prophecy session. Hmmm…What is this prophecy session? Well, it was a time of encouragement (through intense prayer and words) and building one another up as a church family. About a mix of 6 singles, couples, and families got an opportunity to be prayed for in front of the whole church congregation. It was a special service on Friday evening (nothing better else to do) that went from 7-10p. We started with some short announcements from the pastor and began with music-worship led by a small team. A couple of people/families/couples would get prayed and then we did a worship song. Then this would become a pattern until 10pm with some flow from the Holy Spirit, but with order (1 Corinthians 13)! They sat up in front of everybody while the two guest speakers came to speak living words of life to them. Just like how Jesus spoke about “living water” to the Samaritan women in the well. This has been a yearly event the last past couple of years, which I was encouraged to do this with the people around me everyday-not just once a year! Well, before I get into details in general, I wanted to share this common theme among the people that got “prophesied”. It was the words of encouragement to “rise-up” and be use what God has intended each one to be used for. I feel like people have been hiding their God given gifts and has believed lies of the devil of not being able to do this or that. Basically, we are not using our potential what we each all have individually been made for. The speaker from North Carolina kind of solidified all this in the following Sunday morning service. He shared how we need to be delivered from bondages of sin and fear that has gripping us. For example, many stood-up after this heart felt God-given message this Sunday morning to respond to get prayer as a whole congregation (some individually came up front boldly) to specifically get rid of fear of man (e.g. paranoia-what do others think of me? What do my parents say about my life? What if I did this, what would they think? How can I please them?). I believe many or all of us are not able to be effectively be used by God because of some fear of someone or something.

Personal Fear Testimony

I asked God what are my fears that’s preventing me to be used more effectively by You to be part of the Kingdom building process:

fear of man -what my family think of living in Morris. I want to please them to make them approve of my life. I’ve been delivered (not totally) from these past fears: -fear of not being there for my family: I live only 2 ½ hours from my nuclear “blood” family, which I feel guilty that I’m not doing what I could do to help them. Especially when my parents are getting older, I fear how life is short will get me to not being able do what we could’ve done. I do my best to try to spend time with my family, which I try to take vacations (taking one this week for Easter holidays and family birthdays) to be with them and teach what God has been teaching me in Morris! However, I pray for more of God’s children to minister to them while He has called me to minister to people in Morris, which their family members are probably praying for them too! We got to work as a team of believer in Christ, which we have to remind ourselves that we are not the only ones ministering to individuals-most of the time! My dad has been regularly (every Sunday evenings!) watching Joel Osteen , a t.v. evangelist, which is an answer to my prayer!
-fear of death of love ones: I do fear
-want to please my local church leaders or authoritative figures that God has me to submit, which I was looking for words of approval that I know I’m pleasing them. Instead, I should’ve been more wanting to please God my Heavenly Father, but with submission to them.
-I wanted to be accepted by the predominately Caucasian church body, as I wanted to fit in and be approved as a non-white outsider (leftovers from my healing of racism)
-fear of big crowds, which I would be “paranoid” all them time when I walked in front of big audiences. For example, I was ashamed going to church (Catholic) growing-up whenever my family was late. Now, when I attend church late (not purposely), I don’t really care now as I’m there to please God!
-fear of speaking: This is something I’m progressing as I thank my local church getting me over this fear through the “open-mike” shares on Sundays. When I first came to accept Christ as my Lord and Savior, I slowly became more bold to share what God is doing in front of my local church congregation on Sundays. Now, I love to speak and share in front of crowds-especially what God is doing! I just got to use discernment as I can easily get carried away with selfish ambition and pride when one is in the “lime light”
-fear of women: I was prophesied (several times in the past) of having a wife in the future, which is obvious! However, I’ve been honestly afraid of having a wife as I’m getting comfortable being single! Also, I have had some past rejection issues, which I’ve been afraid to “accept” an opposite-sex friendship turned to serious intimate relationship that God puts in my life.
-fear of change:

Bible Search

"prophecies", from Blue Letter Bible

*Special E-Mail Forward

March 5, 2003

Dear Friends,

We are living in some very perilous times and the Charismatic World is responding to the present situation in Iraq and North Korea with predictable confusion and sometimes almost hysteria. Add to this a generous dose of Nationalism and Patriotism and we have a powerful stimulus to produce some real serious problems in the Prophetic Sphere.

Since there is so much contradiction in what is being said these days, some have made admirable efforts to harmonize the various words and insights that are being offered. I believe that this is indeed a genuine effort to bring some explanation to a confused church, which cannot harmonize so many conflicting "Words from God", and that those involved are attempting to "put the pieces together" with integrity.

Facing some of these things causes us to realize that there needs to be accountability from those who offer public and often high profile prophetic insights nationally, and internationally.

I have watched with amazement as Christian Ministries have promoted the significance of 03/03/03, with an almost superstitious zeal. Where have we come to when we must grope around in the "garden of mysticism" to replace prophetic revelation that we don't have? The date has passed and no significant result seems to be apparent. Perhaps I am too quick of the mark, but will anyone be held accountable for the projections and promises made in this connection if and when nothing happens?

In my more than thirty years of Prophetic Ministry, I have learned that I do not need to "have a word" in every national and international situation. There seems to be a rush to bring "the answer" and the possession of a reputation in prophecy make some feel they absolutely must have "heard " on the subject. Its interesting that when the Shunamite woman came to meet the prophet he sent his servant ahead to find out why she was in trouble. The reason he gave "the Lord has hidden it from me"

Over the last number of years we have been told by one prominent brother that Bill Clinton was really a gift from God and that Saddam Hussein was really a great friend of the Church and should be cultured and regarded with different attitudes. This word seems to leave us somewhat confused on both counts! Whilst I am not American I would have some reason to question both of those words if I were.

Another ministry predicted boldly, and was published far and wide, saying that when China took over Hong Kong there would be an immediate blood bath. I happened to be in Hong Kong on the night of Independence. Apart from the torrential rain there was no bath of any kind. Today, Hong Kong still represents a refuge and a HQ for Christians working into China.

When we begin to question these kinds of predictions, which are so common today amongst prophetic ministries, we are immediately criticized by some. Usually the answer is that there is a "spiritual" interpretation to the prophetic word, or that somehow intercession has prevailed and prevented God doing what He clearly told the prophets He was going to do.

These comments could be multiplied over in large conferences and t.v. ministries where people are using the platform they are on to establish their reputation rather than to be sensitive to what the Spirit is truly saying.

Can New Testament Prophets be wrong? Of course they can! That's the reason the Bible tells us in the New Testament that all prophecy is subject to judgement. For the same reason scripture says "we know in part and prophesy in part"

My desire here is not to criticize those bringing prophetic words of International importance, but to honestly ask if we are confronting those who have made major pronouncements and have been proven to be patently wrong and off track? How much longer can we afford to have prophecy held in disrepute. Paul tells us "do not despise prophecy", we seem to be setting ourselves up with a widening credibility gap.

Often in the Scriptures, the men and women who bought such words were not "great ministries". Usually in fact, they were obscure and hidden; bringing a word from God which was pertinent and powerful. Their words did not come out of some obligation their stature imposed on them, but out of a deep sense that they had heard God. Scripture teaches us to "be quick to hear and slow to speak"

In the Old Testament those bringing words were severely judged if their words proved to be false. In the New Testament there was, and is, a provision of accountability which needs to be exercised, and which prophetic ministries need to submit to gladly. These things were designed by God for our protection, and not to put us down.

The days that lay ahead are going to be days when individuals and the corporate church are going to need the clear prophetic direction of those who are able to hear and willing to be accountable. Lives are going to depend on the accuracy of the word, and nations may hang in the balance for lack of a clear insight into their needs and direction.

2003 needs to be a year when we look again at the prophetic ministry in the Charismatic World and seek to establish a strong, >authentic, voice of prophetic integrity in the Church.


Antioch School of Prophetic Ministry
Box 89024, Mackenzie Towne Post Office
Calgary, AB, T2Z 3W3, Canada

Bible Study on Ezekial

Last Wednesday (8/17/05) at the small group bible study I've been trying to attend weekly, we were assigned homework on Ezekial...

-Blue Letter Bible Commentaries....

  • Summary of Ezekial, by Matt Stedman
  • Commentary on Ezekial 38, by Matthew Henry
  • -Other Links:
    The Appearance of Gog & Magog, from
    Gog and Magog and Armageddon
    Legend of Gog and Magog, from Canada
    The War of Gog & Magog, an Islamic Invasion?, from contenderministries -Similar Names:
  • Gog Magog Golf Club, in Cambridge, England
  • Biblical Prophecies of Jesus' Coming!

    How do you know the Bible is true? One fact besides: historical facts through archaeology; faith through salvation, signs, miracles, or wonders; etc.. is "prophecies". This morning, I just picked-up the Bible and was opened to Zechariah 9. I was attracted to the chapter title, "Judgment on Israel's Enemies". When I continued to read....

    The Coming of Zion's King
    "See, your king comes to you, righteious and having salvation, lowly and riding on a donkey"

    I automatically think of Jesus-Himself! Cool, huh? This is one of many verses predicting Jesus based on the stories written on him in the New Testament: Gospels. From the top of my head, I think of other verses mentioned in the Old Testament: Isaiah 7 "The Sign of Immanuel", Isaiah 52:14 "Just as there were many who were appalled at him-his appearance was so disfigured beyond that of any human being (beating prior to Jesus' crucifixtion)", etc...

    I challenged you to ask God to reveal more to you when you pick-up the Bible. In fact, there are some websites out there that focus on this topic. Just ask Him to reveal this to you!

    Mark of the Beast

    I decided to do some re"seach" on this big end time topic this evening (Monday, October 3rd of 2005) after chatting with my housemate (Shalon). He told me that his mom ironically shared how we use the mouse with our right hand when using the computer. I decided to do a google search and found this...

  • Computers and the Mark of the Beast
  • Mark of the Beast, from Bible-Prophecy
  • Tech Mark
  • Bible is the Best Prophetic Guide

    I was listening to a christian sermon message on tape (Chuck Missler's Koinonia House) sent to our college campus ministry. I received it from a college student 5+ years ago, but nevery really had the chance to listen to it. I listened to it on my way to the cities from Morris visiting parents (January 27th-29th 2006)

    Q & A: Where did you find the meanings of the names in Genesis 5?

  • The Gospel in Genesis, from Koinonia House
  • 2007 Prophecy Season for MCC

    Ben and Stu shared on Hearing from God at a local church family's home between the "prophetic" services in the weekend of Thursday, March 22nd to Saturday, March 24th of 2007. Our church family has grown, so we had to add another extra day (compared to 2004) to the schedule of the MCC family being prophesied. This year, there seem to be a theme (based on the 2 of 3 days I was able to attend), which I decided to give my personal intake...

    We all....
    -need individual encouragment regularly
    -are not invisible and God doesn't overlook one over the other
    -need to pray for our daily/weekly schedules (we need to ask God how to prioritize-me especially!)
    -need to ask those who have walked with Christ longer than us/get mentored and mentor ones younger than us too/get advice/etc...
    -need to read (Bible daily in our personal times w/"Daddy" overall) about "valley of dry bones" in Ezekial (Chapter 37)
    " 4 Then he said to me, "Prophesy to these bones and say to them, 'Dry bones, hear the word of the LORD! 5 This is what the Sovereign LORD says to these bones: I will make breath [a] enter you, and you will come to life...
    I will establish them and increase their numbers, and I will put my sanctuary among them forever. 27 My dwelling place will be with them; I will be their God, and they will be my people. 28"

    -evanglism challenge for the church body (win "1 soul for Christ" for each church member by the end of the year) to double our family for a bigger place of fellowship to gather
    -place of refuge (has been prophesied before)

    "Blessed is the one who reads the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near."-Revelations 1:3

    Reccomended Resources


  • Teachings: Prophecy, from Morris Commmunity Church

  • Below is some info I took from my old local church website on "prophecy"


    -Friday, April 2nd-3rd @7pm 2004 Church Body Presby-Prophecy Time at old church bldg with Ben Goodman from North Carolina
    *Come prepared! Suggestion-fast for 3 days anytime before meeting!

    What is prophecy?
    Biblical Verses on "prophecy"-word search

    "Now, brothers, if I come to you and speak in tongues, what good will I be to you, unless I bring you some revelation or knowledge or prophecy or word of instruction?"-1 Corinthians 14

    Note from Pat on 11/7/03:

    In times past in the charismatic church the format and style of giving a "word from the Lord" (prophesy) has varied quite a bit. It might have been shouted out from the congregation, beginning with a "Thus saith the Lord" to preface it, or several words might have come in a row, with not much time spent going over what was said. There's not a "right or wrong" in giving a word from God, we've all been there in working with different styles and methods, and we're all learning and growing!

    At MCC we have been seeking ways to be practical, biblical and yet open to the Holy Spirit on Sunday mornings.

    At MCC this past Sunday we had eight words given, all prophetic, all given at the microphone, and all "weighed" by leadership as to their value an purpose for the church.

    I Cor 14.29 says "Two or three prophets should speak, and the others should weigh carefully what is said." and verse 31 says "For you can all prophesy in turn so that everyone may be instructed and encouraged." and 32 "The sprits of the prophets are subject to the control of the prophets. 33. For God is not a God of disorder but of peace."



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  • Media

    New & Prophecy, are we getting the whole story???

    "Do you rely on the News Networks to get your prophecy news? While the world is coming apart, we get fed Paris Hilton and other nonsense like this."
    *see GoodnewsEverybody for positive news (personal site of mine-Sal)



  • 100 Fulfilled Bible Prophecies
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  • Spiritual Gifts-Prophecy, from Glory of His Cross in New Dehli, India
  • Antioch International Christian Resources

  • *referred by Life Links founder Keith Hazell in person at the Regional Conference 04' in Eden Prairie, MN

    101 Ways Your Church Can Change the World
    "Sometimes those of us in the church tend to do the same things over and over again because they've worked in the past. The author of this book served as a church leader and pastor for over 40 years and was always looking for new ideas for reaching out to the community and world to make a difference. It's true that what works in one community may not work in another; what excites some people may not inspire others. This Ebook is provided hoping it will spark new, fun and effective ways for your church to reach out to a hurting world."

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