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Ministry: Deception

I'm (Sal) not proud to write this, but I feel it is important so people who comes to the faith will not be suprise. As any type of institution-"man made"-there will always be coruptions because man isn't perfection-only Jesus-as He showed through the Gospels. I've heard and seen Christians being ridiculed becuase of their personal negative experience. I don't blame them, but we shouldn't be judgmental of a group of individuals. Instead, we need to see each others as individuals. We can easily stereotype a group of people because of our individuals experience(s) with a particular situation or more than one circumstance. For example, I was very racist before because of several negative experiences with "White" people. However, as I grew in my personal relationship with Jesus, I grew to NOT stereotype or judge a particular group (see racism)

No Man is Perfect!

No one-even Christians-are NOT perfect because of our innate sinful nature. That is why we need to focus on Jesus, and NOT the man (pastors, evangelist, teachers, etc...) that is why I want to stress the need of a personal growing relationship with our Heavenly Father!

Instead of ridiculing and judging Christians who has done wrong, we need to pray for them individually:


Have you been hurt by your local church? Have you been jumping around church to church? Well, there is NO such thing as a "perfect church"! Forgive those who hurt you and ask God for healing and get plugged into the Church Body! You can't walk the Christian walk alone!

...see fellowship

*these are just some of the infamous evangelists known for illegal/immoral practices. I'm sure there are others that many would be suprised, but that would take away from the point of this. My intent is to not "judge" these folks, but to show you that we cannnot totally believe in "man". I hope that your trust and total dependence will encourage you to follow Jesus!

  • -
    BENNY HINN'S MOVE INTO NECROMANCY, from Personal Freedom Outreach in St. Louis, MO
  • Jim Bakker
  • Jimmy Swaggart Ministries
  • -Jimmy Swaggart, from deception in the church
  • Oral Roberts
  • *Note: Some of these links can be inaccurate, please use some discernment. Some of these folks have turned away-repent-from their mistakes. Please continue to lift them and the many "called-evangelist" in prayer as many are prone to being spiritually attack!


  • Christian Broadcasting Network-700 Club: Pat Robertson

  • -THE ANTI-PAT ROBERTSON / CHRISTIAN COALITION SITE from a angered Hindu, but has not resentment against other religions...
  • Transformations Video

  • -"Transformations or re-transformation? A Paradigm shift for evangelism", from concerned christians


  • True Christianity, conspiracies, evangelist, false teachings, etc...
  • Wolves Amongst Sheeps

    Jesus did warn us...

    "Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves."-Matthew 7:15

    ...more on the cults/occults

    False "so called Christian" Prophets

  • Aldof Hitler, from short report
  • David Duke, more of a poltician!(Anti-Jewish?

  • -, from infamous rascals

    On the News...

  • BTK killer's sexual motive described at hearing Families of victims to confront Dennis Rader during sentencing phase, Updated: 12:32 p.m. ET Aug. 17, 2005

  • Who is the BTK killer? Wichita family man and church leader and a psychopathic murderer


  • How to Identify A Cult, from Salina Bible Church
  • 101 Ways Your Church Can Change the World
    "Sometimes those of us in the church tend to do the same things over and over again because they've worked in the past. The author of this book served as a church leader and pastor for over 40 years and was always looking for new ideas for reaching out to the community and world to make a difference. It's true that what works in one community may not work in another; what excites some people may not inspire others. This Ebook is provided hoping it will spark new, fun and effective ways for your church to reach out to a hurting world."

    ...see more on Deception....

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