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Christian Life: Accidents


"Psalm 131"

A song of ascents. Of David.

1 My heart is not proud, O LORD ,
my eyes are not haughty;
I do not concern myself with great matters
or things too wonderful for me.
2 But I have stilled and quieted my soul;
like a weaned child with its mother,
like a weaned child is my soul within me.

3 O Israel, put your hope in the LORD
both now and forevermore.

"Life is too short, pray hard" Yes, when we are young, life seems as if we'll never die and that we are immortal (like those cartoons or super heroes). Well, life is not like what we seen on t.v.! When I (Sal)was a teenager, I learned it earlier when my grandma died when I was a kid. It was sad to see my mom crying when she got the phone call. I was sad too, not just because the grandma that I never really knew (she lived in the Philippines) died, but because it was hard to see my mom cry like she did. I knew life was very precious and we can't take things for granted.

I learned it harder in high school my junior year when 3 of my peers from the same class were killed in differnt ways (suicide, drug overdose, and a car accident-forgiveness testiomony).

My reason for creating this website is because I hear stories where people have had some car accidents (I myself too). Also, not just automobile accidents, but other near death experiences! We should use this as a life lesson "WARNING" to be more careful because you might not get a "second chance". Don't take life for granted and get "right with God" as I came to Christ (personal testiomny) in 1996 in college. Do it ASAP!

Here are some stories so far I've found via "search" in the internet, which I'll be adding more later on. I decided to do my own personal story (see accident testimonies) after I found these links less than a week after:


I got into a car accident in the "big" winter of 1997 when I was going back to Morris from Winter Break in January. I was too concerned about not making to class for the start of Winter Quarter, so I drove several UMM friends of mine in a blizzard on I-94. We were around the Melrose area when my car slid. I was so worried about the semi-truck driving close behind me, so I stepped on the gas to go further forward away. As I stepped on the gas, the car in front of me suddenly put on her brakes. I was almost going head-on torwards a car in front of us, so I swirved a little to the right in the icy highway. As I swirved suddenly to the right, I then tried to steer to the left to prevent spinning around in a whole circle. I already pass the car in front of me, and I was swirving to my left and end-up hitting the right side of the car that was in front of me earlier. I was somewhat relieved that I didn't hit that car head-on, but a little frustrated for hitting the car. We pulled to the side of the highway to take each other's insurance during that blizzard weather outside. As I was going outside, I look at that semi-driver furiously for causing (blame game) this accident!

E-mail of Friend Walking out from Car Accident

The other day my mom told me she wished I could�ve been in the cities longer so I can take her to the church (Woodland Hills Church) I�ve been taking her to. I told her that she can listen to KTIS 98.5 FM, which she can listen to almost the same praise and worship music 24/7. Also, that she can �praise and worship� God anytime 24/7 anywhere and don�t have to wait till Sundays only. I left the cities after chatting and praying with my mom before leaving back to Morris. When I arrived in Morris, I get this report�

Sent: Monday, July 24th of 2006
"Hi MCC Church leaders,
Here is a prayer request/praise report�.Bala (Russian born and raised in Nigeria), who works at the Zierke Farm (now with A&I in town) with Tony (Bulgarian �bana/sauna� fan, who I just picked up from the Twin Cities this past weekend) got a call from his family that his dad got a heart attack back at home in Nigeria. After hearing the unexpected sad news, he went for a drive in the country this past Friday evening. With his mind not focused, he didn�t see the sharp curve and ran into a ditch flipping the car (sideways) countless times. �Thank God� (from Bala�s own words as he shared this with Tony and I last night) that he was able to walk from the �totaled� wreck car (black Pontiac Grand Am sports car) with a scratch in his head and left arm (did wear a seat belt!). He would walk about a mile back to his place of residence at the Zierke Farm with his housemates looking at him with amazement after his story. I was encouraging Bala to just lift his dad in prayer and that our church will too because he really can�t do anything while he�s thousands of miles away.


It was awesome to hear that my friend Bala praises God for this. We should always give God the praise with thanksgiving in call circumstances as it is written in 1 Thessalonians 5. This verse was just reminded to me during prayer this morning prior to my local church service. I was telling someone this past weekend that the �devil� tries to steal that joy from us and get distracted with daily life circumstances to prevent us from praising God. The devil hates us praising God! That means we should do this more often! I woke up this morning doing my daily quiet time with God and started to sing different songs to my Heavenly Father. I felt this was a good way to keep the fire going as a Christian!

Osage man dies from injuries sustained in truck-train collision at Highway 28 crossing Morris Sun Tribune
Published Wednesday, April 04, 2007
" A man involved in a collision between a truck and a train last week died from his injuries.
Brian Koria, 43, of Osage, died Saturday at Hennepin County Medical Center.
Another man in the vehicle, Jeremy Sells, 29, of Kensington, was treated and released following the March 25 accident.
The collision occurred at 2:18 a.m., west of Morris at the Highway 28 crossing.
The truck was dragged by the Burlington Northern-Santa Fe train to 490th Avenue, where it caught fire, according to the Stevens County Sheriff�s Office.
Sheriff�s deputies responded along with officers from the Morris Police Department, the University of Minnesota, Morris Campus Police, the Morris Fire Department and the Stevens County Ambulance Service.
The men were transported by ambulance to the Stevens Community Medical Center, and Koria was then transported by ambulance to the Hennepin County Medical Center.

Two drivers die in crash near Cyrus
Morris Sun Tribune Published Tuesday, October 30, 2007
"A Morris man and a Glenwood woman are dead following a two-vehicle crash near Cyrus Monday night.
The victims are Eric R. Hagen, 25, of Morris, and Rebecca K. Peterson, 27, of Glenwood.
The collision occurred at about 9:30 p.m., two miles west of Cyrus on Highway 28.
According to the Minnesota State Patrol, Hagen was driving west in a 2002 Ford F150 pickup when his vehicle crossed the center line an collided head on with a 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix driven by Peterson in the eastbound lane.
The victims were pronounced dead at the scene. "

Almost Head-On Deer Collision

Wow, "I thank my lucky stars (God of course) up in Heaven". Just last evening (Thursday, May 3rd of 2007 around 9:30pm), I was driving south on hwy 9 towards Donnelly going home to Morris when a deer ran up from "no-where"- a ditch. It was a beautiful spring evening and no bad weather. My friend (Jeff M.) in the passenger seat besides me yelled, "deer"! I quickly veered to my right to miss a head-on deer collision and just nipped his back-hind legs. I then touched my brakes and skidded a little just missing the ditch along the right-side of the road-whew! Jeff asked us all (Mike R. in the back) if we were all right-yeah, we were! I said out loud, "Thank You Jesus"! I then shared with them that I usually pray before I start driving-particularly long distances. The weather was soo...good, I forgot to pray (did pray 2 weeks ago with Cory M. when we were driving from Alexandria through a series of lightning during a heavy rainstorm-went through some high standing water a times, which we both prayed "hard"). Plus, it isn't fall-deer season, which Jeff commented that this incident was very unusual to have a deer go run across like it did. I was about to drive back to see if we hit the deer, but one of my passengers insisted that we keep going. He felt the deer probably keep running along, but with a limp! My passengers was wondering if I should stop to see the dent of my left-side of my front car. I told them if it was a small or big dent, I don't care! I got to Jeff's house and we all looked for the dent-couldn't find one..Halleluah!

  • Survived! A Horrific Car Crash! By Blair and Beth Bartlett (Wisconsin Christian News)

  • "Do you believe in miracles? We do. My wife and I have been Christians since early childhood and throughout the years we have been truly amazed in His faithfulness towards us and how He has kept His loving protective hands upon us throughout our walk with Him. Over and over He has manifested Himself in various ways which confirms to us that there is indeed a loving and benevolent God who watches over those who serve Him. Psalm 139: 13-16 eloquently states: �For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother�s womb. I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from You when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, Your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in Your book before one of them came to be.�
    On December 15th, 2004 my wife and I were in a horrific motor vehicle accident and by all accounts we should have been seriously injured, if not killed. Instead, by the grace and mercy of God, we miraculously escaped from our demolished 1995 Windstar minivan with no broken bones, no internal injuries involving vital organs and no cuts that needed stitches! Surely the Lord had His hand upon us!
    The night before the accident I worked a 12 hour shift at my place of employment and knocked off work the morning of the 15th. After I had a nap we departed for a day of Christmas shopping up in Moncton, New Brunswick. We had been planning to go up there in previous weeks and take my parents along but the weather wasn�t the best so we stayed put. We finally left on the 15th but for some reason I did not feel like inviting my parents along so we went by ourselves. I was still tired and sleepy so my wife did the driving while I slept in the front passenger seat. We were traveling along a four lane divided highway at approximately 110 kilometres per hour when my wife became drowsy because of the heat. She closed her eyes for an instant and we drifted over to the left hand shoulder. My wife came to when she heard the sound of gravel and also the sound of the van hitting a metal highway marker. She tried to get the van under control and veered to the right, crossed both lanes, went down an incline and according to paramedic Keith Jarvis, rolled the van at least once or twice and hit a rock wall head on. The distance between the damaged highway marker and where we ended up at was approximately 70 paces or so. Another 10 seconds farther down on the road we could have gone off a bridge and fallen into a steep ravine.
    Damage to the van was substantial and it was written off by our insurance company. The windshield was shattered, rear window was smashed out, four side windows were smashed out, three out of four tires blew, both air bags deployed and the van�s frame twisted and dented beyond repair.
    When all mayhem was breaking loose all around us I can truthfully say before God that I did not see any damage being done nor did I hear any damage being done. I also did not feel any kind of impact whatsoever when we crashed into the rock wall. To me it was if we just pulled over and parked! The only thing that I remember about it is my wife calling my name, opening my eyes and seeing that we were heading precariously close towards a rock face that seemed to be almost right on top of us. I remember thinking that we were going to be killed but yet I had complete peace of mind about it. The reason being is that I always believed that your life can be snuffed out without warning so I always made it a point to make sure that I was right with the Lord.
    I have known a lot of people around my age that were killed in accidents and the majority were not Christians that I know of.
    The next sequence that I remember is realizing that we were stopped and I turned to my wife and asked her if she was okay and tried to reassure her. She had blood on her face and I asked her where the cell phone was. We had purchased the cell phone several weeks before that in case of an emergency. She replied that it was in her purse and I retrieved it. At that time I spotted a gentleman walking toward us and when he reached the van, I handed him our cell phone and asked him to call 911.
    While he was calling, I started to move around a little bit to see if there was anything broken. I had a drop of blood on the front of my nose, a few little specks on my hands where the glass sprayed and a little bit of discomfort below in my lower back on the left side but other than that I felt okay. Being truly amazed that we survived this harrowing ordeal I got out and took several photographs of the wreckage.
    The bystanders were starting to get concerned about me walking around so I sat back down in the van and one of them covered me with a blanket in case of shock. They were also looking after my wife. In hardly any time at all the Mounties, fire department and the paramedics arrived.
    I informed one of the paramedics that I had already been walking around but he advised me to be on the safe side, I should have a cervical collar on and be strapped securely on a spine board. Not wanting to take any chances in case complications set in, I concurred and they did the same with my wife.
    We were transported in separate ambulances to the Sussex health centre which was only around 10 kilometres away. While there, they examined us, took blood pressures, took x-rays and administered tetanus shots because of the broken glass. The x-rays came back negative, meaning no broken bones! They kept us for observation for a few hours and then discharged us with basically a clean bill of health. They did, however, prescribe an ointment for the bruise on my wife�s cheek.
    Victims have been in lesser accidents and fared much worse - even to the point of losing their lives! Since our mishap there have been six people killed in four separate accidents in our area; the latest was a school teacher driving home from a March Break trip. According to newspaper reports the accident was possibly caused by driver�s fatigue and it happened just a few minutes from where we had our accident. More chillingly, it happened at the same time of morning, (around 10:30), under the same road conditions.
    A friend of ours who is a deputy sheriff down in Maine stated to us that anytime he responded to an accident that involved a van rolling over it was �bad.� Occasionally they would get a �breather,� (someone still living) but not usually.
    Another individual that we were in touch with said that she believes we were �divinely protected.� She is a former registered nurse and paramedic so she should know.
    This is not the only time that the Lord has protected us on the highway. Less than two years ago, we were heading to Hampton Bible Camp to volunteer our services for a week. My wife was driving and I had a strong inclination to advise her to reduce her speed in case a deer ran across the road in front of us. I let her know what I was thinking and she slowed down. No more than five minutes later a deer ran across the road, which was only a few feet away from us! That was the first time in all these years driving along that particular stretch of highway that we ever saw a deer. Coincidence? You decide!
    As Christians, we do not understand why things happen, but at the same time we should remember Romans 8: 28: �And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.� We believe that the Lord spared us to be a witness for Him and to bring Him the glory that He deserves. If our testimony encourages just one person, it will be worth it all!

    -Blair and Beth Bartlett
    87 Shillington Road
    Saint John, New Brunswick, CANADA E2J 4G1

    Spooked dear hits Brainerd runner Updated: 06/11/2007 09:12:02 PM (KSAX)

    BRAINERD, Minn. (AP) -" Kandi Hanson has a history of run-ins with deer. She totaled her first car and damaged two others in collisions with deer. This weekend, the deer struck back.
    As Hanson approached the halfway mark of the 10-kilometer Sour Grapes Half and Half run Saturday, a spooked deer darted out of the woods and crashed into Hanson, tossing the 28-year-old into the air and sending her sprawling onto the grass before disappearing into the woods.
    "There were two deer and the first one literally flew by right in front of us and brushed us," the Pequot Lakes woman said.
    Hanson and two friends, Lottie Oehrlein and Robin Warden, shrieked at their encounter with the first deer before cautiously continuing their run, oblivious of the second deer.
    "We started running a little bit again and Lottie yelled out, 'Here comes another one' and I couldn't get out of the way fast enough, it plowed into me."
    Hanson didn't know how to react.
    "I was very surprised, my eyes were huge, I was part crying, part laughing. I didn't know what to do," she said.
    But Hanson spit the dirt out of her mouth, brushed herself off and finished the race. She escaped with only minor scrapes, bruises and soreness.
    Sour Grapes director Jeanne Larson said race organizers were prepared for common runners' ailments, but not this.
    "When I'm running I consider myself lucky to even see a deer. Getting hit by a deer while running I don't consider so lucky," she said.
    Although Hanson finished in 31st place, the middle school teacher didn't come away empty-handed. She received a first-place plaque for being airborne the longest.
    Information from: The Brainerd Daily Dispatch,


  • Truck plows into patio of Minneapolis cafe, at least 13 people injured, from KARE 11 (Friday, August 17th of 2007)

  • "At least 13 people were injured tonight when a pickup plowed into the outdoor patio of a Minneapolis cafe.
    The driver of the pickup apparently suffered a medical problem and passed out at the wheel and drove onto the Clicquot Club Cafe's patio around 7:15 p-m. A spokeswoman for the cafe says about 30 patrons were on the patio at the time.
    She says some of the victims were caught in the debris and employees and patrons rushed to help them.
    A spokesman for Hennepin County Medical Center says it appeared most of the 13 people brought to the hospital would be treated and released.
    (Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)"


    A Glimpse of Heaven

    "Pastor Don Piper describes his after life experience after a car wreck, and how people p&#xio;nately prayed for his safety, prayers that might have brought them back."

  • Car Accident Testimony
  • Stephanie MC, survival story

  • -Mortocycle

  • Healing Recovery, from testimonies


    God Stories 2 Heidi Cave Tragic Car Crash

    "Heidi Cave, a motivational speaker, shares her story of hope after losing both her legs and being severely burned in an Abbotsford automobile accident caused by a drunk driver. Cave's God Story was used as the centrepiece for World Service Vancouver, a benefit concert that raised more than $20,000 for the Vancouver Professional Firefighters' Burn Fund."

  • Christian Evangelist Roger Whipp, From Cop to Christ-My Testimony, from England

  • *found this testimony after searching for testimonies of rain for crops today (Saturday, August 11th of 2007)
    On 19th April 1984 my wife was involved in a very serious car accident and was placed on a life support machine. After about a week of failing to respond the doctor asked my permission to turn of the machine. During this week I had witnessed and been impressed by the way my wife's family had shown great strength and resilience coping with the trauma which now faced usAlthough I didn't understand it, I guessed it came from their faith in God.
    On the day that I was to give an answer to the doctor I was standing on an outside balcony at the hospital having a smoke (now healed of this addiction)waiting for the doctor to attend and switch off the machine. As I looked around me I could see signs of new life in the spring flowers and I began to think about the wonders of creation, including some of the amazing facts I had learnt about the human body whilst training for the London Ambulance Service. I started to consider if perhaps there was a God who had designed such things as delicate & beautiful flowers and the amazing human body, or could it really just be a freak of nature? In desperation I cried out "God if your up there, come down and show me. My Christian wife is laying there dead, if you save her I'll even look into this Christianity thing" Isn't it strange that too often we don't realise what something is worth until we are about to lose it! Only a week before the accident we were seeking a divorce and I was so angry with her I felt like killing her myself! Now I'm pleading with an unknown God to save her! Notice I only said to God I would look into Christianity. You see I had the totally wrong idea what being a Christian was really all about. I thought that if I became a Christian I would have to become boring & self righteous, like sadly some are! That I would have to stop enjoying life, no more parties etc. How wrong I was, I later found out being a Christian adds a new more fulfilling dimension to your life far from boring!
    " Less than an hour of me making this deal with God, the doctor arrived and as he turned of the machine my wife began to breath again. God not only heard my prayer but he acted! Although she was now breathing she was to remain unconscious for nearly a month. More about her injuries and healing miracle later as I want to tell you about my part of the deal! As I had now started to consider the possibility of a God who actually does listen and acts, I decided I had better keep my side of the deal. So as my mother-in-law who was staying with me wanted to go to church on Sunday, I took her to my local church. At the time of the accident my wife had strayed away a bit from God and didn't attend church very often, and if she did, went not locally but to a church where we lived previously. I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised as I entered, things had changed since my childhood when my non Christian parents packed me off to Sunday School (they probably did so to get some peace)."

    Don't Wait

    "Don't wait until you're on your deathbed to think about the things that matter."
    *sponsored by TCT TV


    I was getting ready to watch a movie late last night (Saturday, May 26th of 2007) with my friend (anonymous). A little past 10pm, I got a call from him and he told me that he wouldn't be able to come. The reason was because of a car accident (thank God no one got hurt!) with the home he works at-anonymous-oh no! He told me it is something I gotta see to believe it. I quickly got into my bike and was shocked to see the following...

    They had to call the tow truck in order to get my friend's(anonymous) vehicle out because it was stuck. It would be a little past 11pm when (anonmous) my friend and I went home after a long 1 hour of assessing the damage with other folks.

    Construction worker: God had his hands on that job site Updated: 06/04/2007 11:01:01 PM (KSAX)
    "ROBBINSDALE, Minn. (AP) - A construction worker who survived the partial collapse of a building in Maple Grove left the hospital Monday, expressing amazement at his good fortune.
    "I'm just amazed ... that I can get up and walk," said Timothy Stanton, 38, who fell 35 feet in Friday's accident. Both he and his doctors at North Memorial Medical Center were surprised his hospital stay hadn't lasted longer.
    Dr. John Cumming said it was "remarkable" that Stanton not only escaped with just broken ribs and a concussion, but that more people weren't seriously injured.
    Stanton was one of nine workers hurt Friday when sections of freshly poured concrete caused a collapse on the third floor of a future Great River Energy building. Five were treated and released Friday, while one remained in serious condition and two were in fair condition Monday.
    Stanton said he couldn't believe their injuries weren't worse.
    "I believe that God had his hand on that job site," he said. "I believe we all walked away with far less injuries than what we should have had. I feel real fortunate myself."
    At the building site Monday, engineers from the construction company, McGough Construction, and from the state Occupational Safety and Health Division, began planning their investigation into the cause, said Brad Wood, McGough's executive vice president.
    Wood said it's believed several sections of the third floor's support system failed, but investigators will try to determine why.
    Stanton told reporters before he slowly made his way to a waiting car that he hopes to be back on the job soon, pouring concrete.
    "It's what I know," he said.

    (Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)


    What I learn from a Softball Game Knee Injury?
    *wrote this today (Saturday, May 5th of 2007) after submitting this to Sermon on the Mound, book questionaaire by Michael O' Connor (found this site while searching for the Biblical story).

    I was playing softball for my church (Morris, MN) co-ed team back in the summer of 2003. We kept on losing one game after another in this church softball league in (20 minutes southwest) Benson, Minnesota. In one of the games towards the end of the season, I was getting very frustrated. We were losing pretty badly and I was having some negative thoughts in my head as I was playing second base. The ball was hit to me and made an awkward dive-just missing the ball! I ended up limping off the field after that inning and ended up getting some crutches. I tore something (nothing too serious) by my knee (had an injury in the same area previously while down-hill skiing 6-7 years ago) and had to rest this left leg. God taught me to humble myself and not take the game too seriously. During the weeks of rest, I had some long quiet times with God and was ministered too by my Heavenly Father!

    *UMM's 2005 Homecoming Accident
    Football goal post maker not at fault in student paralysis (july 22nd 2005), in Fort Wayne
    Goal Post Safety - Tragic Accident Friday, 07 October 2005. (Lincolnshire Football Association)

    Near Death Experience?

    I was driving to the cities yesterday (Thursday, June 29th of 2006) listening to KCLD (St. Cloud Station) with a friend (Tony) from Bulgaria. The radio dj asked listeners to call-in their "near death experience". I heard amazing stories (e.g. driving close to a semi-truck and slowed down the last minute before getting hit by debris), which I thought was God intervention! Anyways, I decided to call-in my story when I was young...

    I was less than 10 years old when I was trying to pretend to be Superman one day. I got my "cape" (blanket) and started to slide down the stair rail (wide enough to slide down, which my siblings and I did a lot) from the second floor at home ( born & raised in St. Paul). As I was going to climb on the rail with my blanket, I went too far and flip over the rail and fell a story downstairs landing on my back (hitting the curvy stairs down below). I landed in a way that caused me to not be able to breathe for awhile. I was actually trying to gasp for air as I felt I was choking to death. This lasted for over 10-15 seconds, which I was trying to call out for help. I did get my breaths later on, which i was too scared to tell anyone in my family what just happened-thinking I was going to get in trouble. It was late at night, which my parents and siblings were in the kitchen. They would never know of this story till I told my sister later on. I look back at this incident and feel that God was watching me as He did for many of these "near death experiences".

    *Special E-mail Story*

    The Last Time

    If I knew it would be the last time
    That I'd see you fall asleep,
    I would tuck you in more tightly
    And pray the Lord, your soul to keep.

    If I knew it would be the last time
    That I see you walk out the door,
    I would give you a hug and kiss
    And call you back for one more.

    If I knew it would be the last time
    I'd hear your voice lifted up in praise,
    I would video tape each action and word
    so I could play it back day after day.

    If I knew it would be the last time
    I could spare an extra minute or two,
    To stop and say "I love you,"
    Instead of assuming you KNOW I do.

    If I knew it would be the last time
    I would be there to share your day...
    Well I'm sure you'll have so many more,
    So I can just let this one slip away.

    For surely there's always tomorrow
    To make up for an oversight,
    And we always get a second chance
    To make everything right.

    There will always be another day
    To say our "I love you's."
    And certainly there's another chance
    To say our "Anything I can do's?"

    But just in case I might be wrong,
    And today is all I get,
    I'd like to say how much I love you
    And I hope we never forget... (that...)

    Tomorrow is not promised to anyone,
    Young or old alike.
    And today may be the last chance you get
    To hold your loved one tight.

    So if you're waiting for tomorrow,
    Why not do it today?
    For if tomorrow never comes,
    You'll surely regret the day.

    That you didn't take that extra time
    For a smile, a hug, or a kiss.
    And you were too busy to grant someone,
    What turned out to be their one last wish.

    So hold your loved ones close today,
    And whisper in their ear,
    Tell them how much you love them
    And that you'll always hold them dear.

    Take time to say "I'm sorry," "Please forgive me,"
    "Thank you," or "It's okay."
    And if tomorrow never comes,
    You'll have no regrets about today.

    Send this to all that you consider a friend.
    Just to let them know how much you care about them. You never know,
    you may not see them tomorrow. So let them know how much they mean to you

    Are You Going to Heaven?, if you don't live to see tomorrrow?

    Building Fires




    FALLING TO HEAVEN" ~Mickey Robinson

    "After surviving severe burns resulting from an airplane crash while skydriving, Mickey Robinson had a "Death's Door" experience and spiritual rebirth that radically changed his life. During the long period of time required to recover, he not only received several miraculous healings, but also struggled with finding his purpose in life. video from"

  • 9-11-01, plane crashes in the east coast

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  • Parents of three brothers killed in car crash find solace in faith by Jim Adams and Terry Collins, Star Tribune (October 12, 2004)

  • "Two of our pastors and friends were at the hospital and were praying for us and sang with us as Jake passed away," Connie Backstrom said. She said she read parts of Psalm 34, which she remembered reading after the oldest of her five boys was born. "It says praise the Lord always, even when we don't understand," she said, standing by her husband's side Monday as they faced a bank of reporters and TV cameras.

    *""Many have asked how are we doing," Nathan Backstrom said during the hilltop news conference. "My answer is God is faithful. Justin, Jacob and Matthew each had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and they are now in the presence of their Lord and Savior. Our prayer is that because of this lives will be changed and God will be glorified."


  • Bridge Collapse, in Minneapolis (-personal reflections from Wed. Aug 1st of 2007 tragedy)

    Automobiles, from GoodnewsUMM


    Amazing Car Safety Ad-Buckle Up!

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  • Daily Power Boosters
    "If people are prepared; equipped; and strengthened by the SECRETS OF SUCCESS learned by people who have come before, they can conquer everything that comes their way - making their dreams come true!!....."
    *With God's help!

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