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"Some [trust] in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God."-Psalm 20:7

"The Big "E"; No More Oil

"In this Nation a prophetic sound shall come, and as a result of it, you will not need the oil of the Middle East. There is a new energy that is coming forth. The prophet knows it as the Big "E" but knows nothing else. A new form of energy is coming forth. America is pioneering it, and it shall take you from a trillion dollar deficit to no deficit whatsoever within a six-year period says the Spirit of God. And the Middle East shall say you still need oil. But America shall say no longer from you, for O Israel, O Israel what is hidden shall be revealed says the Lord. America rejoice for this is your day, says the Lord.
-from Elijah List

Could this be Ethanol?


  • All State

  • Agent Name: Gregersen Agency
    Address: 1116 Broadway
    City: Alexandria
    State: Minnesota
    Zip: 56308
    Phone Number: 320-763-3103

  • Barter Time, in KKOK's Community Please
  • Chippewa Valley Ethanol Company

    Alternative Fuel

  • Central MN Ethanol Co-Op, in Little Falls
  • Minnesota Department of Agriculture
  • Trucker's Life

    I went to get an oil change last week (Friday, July 6th of 2007) at Tire Plus in Oakdale, MN during my July 4th-Holday Week Vacation. There were about 3 men just sitting in the waiting area and some guy started chatting. I somehow jumped in the conversation to give my point of view and started talking about the "hot topic" of immigration. After giving my encouragement to him during his pessimistic view of his personal job affect, he opened up to me about his trucking life. He (found out his name was Steve when he was called up that his car is done) told me about the pressures of being a trucker before his present-day job of 20+ years (printing comapny in St. Louis Park). Steve shared about the illlegal stuff he had to do to just "survive" (e.g. carry over the limit loads, which varies in each state; carry a bat in case of getting attacked; driving over the speed or take detours just to make their destination in time after getting "bumped" from their schedule due to a traffic stop or whatever; etc...) as a trucker.

    Recommended Resources

    Defensive Driving
    *I took another course w/ the company (PCS) I work for, which I was able to get some cool links...

  • Last Kiss Lyrics (from J Frank Wilson), from lyrics on demand

  • "We were out on a date in my daddy's car We hadn't driven very far There in the road straight up ahead A car was stalled the engine was dead I couldn't stop so I swerved to the right I'll never forget the sound that night The screaming tires the busting glass The painful scream that I heard last "
  • Stile Project
  • Drivers Manual

  • Drivers Education Book Couse, for homeschool

  • Minnesot a Drivers License, fees and info

  • Class B License
    "A Class B license, with necessary endorsements, allows the holder to operate all class C and D vehicles and all other single-unit vehicles. " Minnesota CDL Course
    Minnesota CDL Exam Info
    Minnesota CDL Test Requirements and CDL Endorsement Test Info, from test questions and answers (practice test)
    Unofficial Guide to DMV, search
  • Driver's License Manual - Class D
  • Online Drivers License Study Guide
  • Practice Test

  • American Coalition for Ethanol
  • E85 Fuel

    Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 19:12:47 -0800 (PST)

    "Also, with leaving upper management naturally comes a pay cut. As a result, I'm selling my car--it's a 2004 Mazda 6i. Incredible car, I've hardly had it a year. So if you know anyone who needs a good car, let me know. It's worth about $16,000 if I sold it here in Madison."-Cindy N.
    *please contact me (Sal) at for more info

    Drivers Manual

  • Study Guide for your Drivers Test Online
  • Travel

    -rental cars Sample trip to Chicago:
    Enterprise $15.62/day for 3 days (weekend) $54.62 (Dodge Neon-economy)
    National Car Rental $77.85 (Chevy Aveo-economy)
    Alamo $97
    Budget $100


  • Ethanol India

  • Recommended Resources

    -car payments
    *paid off as of Jan 04'-praise God!
    -Fuel Efficient Cars
    CBS News Top 10 for 2005 Consumer Reports: Tips for Saving Gas and Fuel, from
    "You can also visit the EPA's Web site, to find data on fuel-efficient cars. Edmunds Top 10... Top 10 Gas Misers

    Compare Honda Cars
    Compare Honda Models, from price
    Honda Accord History, from edmunds
    Buerkle Honda, in St. Paul
    Richfield Bloomington Honda

    ""Get a Toyota Corolla! I got a 00', which I haven't really spent much $ on any maintenance since I got it two years ago and double plus-it's gas efficient. Before, I had a Chev Blazer SUV 96' and I spent tons of $ on gas and maintenance."

    Wrote this blog on myspace on Friday, July 13th of 2007

    Golden Valley Auto Sales, the Toyota Corolla 2000 is on the tops of my list
    Toyota City-Luther, in Brooklyn Center
    Walser Toyota Scion, in Bloomington

    Toyota Corolla 2000 (Golden Valley Auto)
    *the car I bought in April of 05'

    Front View

    Side View (Fall of 06')
    Toyota Corolla 2000 31-38 mpg, from

    Below is my online-claim (Alliance Claims Solutions) I just recently (Wednesday, December 24th @6-7pm CDT 2008-72,250 miles) submitted. to my auto insurance (agent-Bremer Insurance Agency in Morris, MN Office: 320-589-1026) company (Grinnel Mutual Reinsurance Company (based in Iowa)-fortunately, I had comprehensive
    "...Other Than CollisionCommonly referred to as comprehensive coverage, this covers most damage to your car for other than collision, such as fire, theft, explosion, glass claims, vandalism, or a collision with an animal.."

    I was adjusting (around 11:30a-12pm) my "loose" (caused by accidentally press the down button of the window, which I meant to push the unlock button-wasn't looking-just feeling for the buttons as I was looking at the "open" crevice; Just recently, both driver side & front passenger-side windows has been having some technical problems) window at the Walmart parking lot in Sauk Centre (1 hour east of my home in Morris, MN) as I was just finishing my Christmas shopping. I was headed to St. Paul (less than 2 hours south east along nearby I-94). I needed to adjust my window, so I used my flat head screw driver to go between the glass and the door fram. It was single digit weather and never thought the glass would break so easily. It shattered all over inside the passenger (right of the driver-side) seat and floor. I tried to go to an Auto Glass specialist in Sauk Centre, but the repair guy wasn't available (Christmas Eve-everybody heading home early!. I have a bag of the broken glass still and some pictures (unfortunately, I wasn't able to take the pics immediately as I wasn't thinking of doing this claim at the time) if you need them.


    As of 11am (Friday, December 26th of 2008), I was able to get this window replace (for $166.25) by Olympic Auto Glass-Tracies All Auto Repair (oil changes for $28!); 433 University Ave. (between N. Western Ave. & Arundel St.; 1-2 miles west of the State Capitol) ; St. Paul, MN 55101; 651-379-5067. Wow-quick service-an answer to prayer!

    *A-Z Minnesota Dealers, from keep it local Toyota Auto Parts The Auto Channel

    CAR X
    -Gas (prices in Twin Cities)
    How Much Car Can You Afford?
    CarFax, VIN#?
    Capital One Auto Finance

    "For most people, 15% of after-tax monthly income is appropriate for total monthly car payments"
    -Car Maintenance
    *radiator flush, etc...
    fuel pump, through

    Discount Tires
    Alexandria Area-Yellow Pages (Tire Plus-directions)

    Car Parts


    -Auto Insurance
    Cars Helping People (Star Tribune Ad in 12/26/04)
    Answer Financial
    Progressive Insurance, Personal
    -Used Cars
  • General Services Administration (GS) Fleet Services, U.S. Gov't Auto Auction

  • Northstar Auto Auction (Manheim)
    4908 Valley Industrial Blvd
    Shakopee, MN 55379
  • Midwest Auto Auction, in Moorhead

  • KSAX Cars

  • -state
  • Auto Trader
  •, linked from Mpls Star Tribune (independent sellers included)
  • Car Soup
  • Keep it Local, dealerships focus
  • Other Tips:
    Auto Check
    Info Link Screening
    Car Buying Tips
    Free Spreadsheet Download, for selling car
    Federal Trade Commission: Used Cars
    Driver and Vehicle Services from Minnesota Department of Public Safety
    Report of Sale, online form for MN
    Nada Guides

    -*instead of wasting gas, get a bicylce=>
    Bicycle Buying Tips, from bikesnspeds
    Bicycle Buying Guide-Errand or Commute Bike
    Cycling Forum, oiling chains
    Fixed Gear on the Cheap
    Twin Cities Bicycle Shops
    KHS Town & Country, for commuting
    -moving violations
    Common Moving Violations, from Minnesota State Courts


  • Twin Cities Auto Show, at Minneapolis Convention Center (March 06')
  • Fergus Falls 29th Annual Car Show & Swap Meet Car Corral
  • Maintenance

    -Oil Change

  • Tire Plus
  • Traffic Cones

  • John M. Warren
  • Nex Tag
  • Orange Base Cone
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