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Q: How do you memorize quotes/verses from the Bible?
A:-I read a verse or chapter in the morning and evening, then I try to run the whole verse in my mind several times throughout the day, evening, week, etc... For example, when I run on the treadmill at the local fitness center; I try to sing one of the worship songs that I feel like singing (a song from Sunday worship from the local church I attended) and tie that with a Biblical verse (eg. "I'm trading my sorrows..."-Matthew 11 "come who are weary"). more....

Q: Does God answer prayer? Why don't Christian do more than just praying?
A: God is in charge-Prayer


Q: Evolution Theory? A:ACR, 1-800-7-GENESIS on Creation


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  • Miscellaneous: Actual e-mail responses to UMM students questions: Q: Why do people do good? Why the Bible talks about "white" as the pure color? Why in history Christians has oppressed people (eg. colonization)?


    I wanted to follow-up in our "deep topic conversation" last night.

    ++++First, let's reflect on what we talked about:

    -"You can feed a man a fish that will last a day; but you can teach a man how to fish and this will last a lifetime"=>meaning, we need to train, equip, teach others "below us" (have less than us, unfortunate, poor, oppressed-doesn't mean they are better than us):

    *Note: I'll be giving many Biblical verses, which is God's Promises and history that we all may learn to help be equip in life; which is the reason why Christians go as missionaries to share the Gospel or Good News to help them in life.

    "consider others better than you" (verse?)

    "what you do for the least of them, you do for me" (verse?

    -Self-fulfilling (pleasing ourselves when we help others or pleasing others by giving to the "needy"): "Nobody should seek his own good, but the good of others"-1 Corinthians 10:24

    -boycott, protest the "rich", better yet-"pray for our enemies"

    -make a difference (look down below)

    ++++Second, I took down some note and read some past notes on this issues last night, and I made a weblink=>

    To better understand where I"m coming from, I refer close friends to know my past=>

    Please let me know on how I can get together or refer others on reading "God's Promises" for you through the Bible or His encouraging, truth, loving Word.

    +++Lastly, "pure, white (eg. "white as snow"-Isaiah 1:18 or "Then I saw a great white throne"-Rev. 20:11), holiness", is the purpose in life; it's more than to be "happy", but striving to be more "righteous" (this will make other to do "good") and pleasing to God.

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