“Good News UMM Table Library A-Z”

AUTOBIOGRAPHY “…And Light New Fires”-Thorwall, La Reau. The story of axel Johnson Thorwall, immigrant blacksmith…
“My Calvary Road”-Hession, Roy

BIBLE “Evidence That Demands A Verdict”-McDowell, Josh. Historical evidences for the christian faith
“An Introduction to Bible Archaeology”-Vos, Howard F.
[#5 Bibles: Old, New, both]
“The Day of the Lion”-Motyer, J.A. Amos-prophet in an era of affluence
“A New Look at 1 & 2 Corinthians: Alive from the Center”-Palmer, Earl F. When your life gets off-center, here’s how to regain your balance.
“The Life of Christ In Stereo”-Cheney, Johnston M. “Four(Gospels)inspired voices testify as one…”

BUSINESS “How To Be A Success Without Failing”-Schieb, Guy with Andersen, Ken. Farm boy to multi-millionaire

CREATION “The Remarkable Birth of Planet Earth”-Morris, Henry M. Meaning of life

CULTS/RELIGIONS “The Puppet Master”-Yamamoto, J. Isamu. An Inquiry into Sun Myung Moon and the Unifacation Church in Korea
DAILY DEVOTIONS “Getting to Know Jesus”-Steeves, Paul.
“Getting to Know your Faith”-Steeves, Paul
“Essays on Guidance”by InverVarsity Press. Knowing God’s Will
“A Gardener Looks at the Fruits of the Spirit”-Keller, W. Philip
“Be Complete”-Wiersbe, Warren W. How to become the whole person God intends you to be
“Building Up One Another”-Getz, Gene A. How every member of the church can help strengthen others
“Coping with Criticism”-Buckingham, Jamie
“Habitation of Dragons” Miller, Keith. “A book of hope about living as a Christian”
“Humility”-Murray, Andrew
“The Freedom of Forgiveness: 70X7”-Augsburger, David
“Improving Your Serve: The Art of Unselfish Living”-Swindoll, Charles R.
“Love, Acceptance, & Forgivenss”-Cook, Jerry with Baldwin, Stanley C.
“Morning by Morning”-Spurgeon, C.H. Meditations for daily living
“Strenthening Your Grip: Essentials in an Aimless World”-Swindoll, Charles R.
“Lessons in Victorius Living”-Schlabach, Chris
“Loving God” Colson, Chuck.
“Time Out”-Bryant, Al. Daily Devotions for young people
“The True Vine” Murray, Andrew. “dwell daily in unbroken communion with Jesus Christ”

DISCIPLESHIP “Masterlife: Discipleship Training for Leaders: Part I-II”-Willis Jr., Avert T. of Master Commission
“Discovery Group: Discipleship Series-Student Guide 1-3 by Campus Crusade for Christ
“Christian Being and Doing”-Edwards, Clifford. Commentary on Book of James and 1 Peter

EDUCATION “The Battle for the Public Schools” LaHaye, Tim. Humanism’s threat to our children
“With Christ in the School of Prayer” Murray, Andrew.
“The First 4 Years Are the Hardest”-Pountney, Michael. Handbook for campus Christians
“NEA (Nat. Educ. Ass.): Propaganda Front of the Radical Left”-Reed, Sally D.

FAMILY “Prodigals and Those Who Love Them”-Graham, Ruth Bell

HANDICAPPED/DISABILITY “I Won’t be Crippled When I See Jesus”-Payton, Everett J. A special(blind) child is a living witness to God’s power in the midst of adversity.

HEBREWS “Christ in the Passover: Why is this Night Different”-Rosen, Moishe & Ceil.

INTERNATIONAL “Guest of the Revolution”-Koob, Kathyrn. “The triumphant story of an American held hostage in Iran”
“Successful Home Cell Groups”-Dr. Paul Yonggi Cho.
“Appointment in Jerusalem”-Prince, Lydia. “The spellbinding story of a school teacher who dared to be led by the Holy Spirit….a chosen true adventure.”
“Not Good if Detached.”-Boom, Corrie ten. “…lessons of a women who survived the Holocaust-concentration camp to her travels in other parts around the world.”
“Once More Around Jericho”-Winter, Roberta H. “the story of the U.S. Center for World Missions.”
“The Persecutor”-Kourdakov, Sergei. “inflicting terror and suffering upon Russain Christians was his assignment and hed did his job well.”
“God’s Smuggler”-Andrew, Brother. “when he crossed the armed borders of the iron curtain would he be lucky-or dead?”
“You Can tell the World: A Mission Reader”-Urbana Advance

ISSUES “Chosen to Live” Kelton, David “loneliness, depression, guilt, addiction, divorce, suicide..”
“Getting Them Sober” Drews, Toby Rice. “a guide for those who live with an alcoholic.”
“Right or Wrong: It All Depends”. Ridenour, Fritz. “what does the Bible say about the new morality?”

“Communication” Wright, H. Norman. “a dozen methods for reducing friction & conflict…”
“You Can Be the Wife of a Happy Husband.” Cooper, Darien B.
“His Stubborn Love.” Landorf, Joyce. “bringing hope, self-esteem & encouragement to women (& their husbands.”

MEN “A Father… A Son… and Three-Mile Run” Leenhouts, Keith J.

POLITICAL “Stand & Be Counted” Dugan, Robert. “A Washington Insider tells how to preserve America’s liberties for you and your children.”

PRAYER “Prayer Summits” Aldrich, Joe “Seeking God’s Agenda for your community.”
“How You Can Pray with Power and Get Results.” Lundstrom, Lowell.
“The Hour that Changes the World.” Eastman, Dick. “A practical plan for personal prayer.”

PRISION “Twice Pardoned” Morris, Harold. “An ex-con talks to parents and teens.”

REVELATION: END TIMES “The Last Word on the Middle East” Prince, Derek. “What will trigger the final countdown.”
“The Promise” Lindsey, Hal. “…the sequence of final events that are about to occur in our lifetime.”
“The Bible and Tomorrow’s News.” Ryrie, Charles C. “Will there be a tomorrow?”

SALVATION “How to Be Born Again” Graham, Billy
“What Does It Mean to Be Born Again.” White, John Wesley
“Caught Up Into Paradise” Eby, Richard D.O. (Physician & Surgeon)
“The Pursuit of God” Tozer, A.W. “you can become the person you were meant to be. This practical classic will point the way.”
“Good News for Bad Times.” Haan, Richard W. De
“Heaven-How to Get There” Moody, D.L.
“The Way to God.” Moddy, D.L.

SPORTS “Aim High: An Olympic Decathlete’s Inspiring Story” Johnson, Dave

WOMEN “Changes Points” Landorf, Joyce. “when we need Him most.”
“The Christian Working Woman.” Whelchel, Mary “what you need to know.”
“Evidence Not Seen” Rose, Darlene Deibler “A woman’s miraculous faith in a Japanese prison WWII”
“The Glory Woods: A Hymm of Healing.”-Greer, Virginia
“The Joyful Journey” Clairmont, Patsy; Johnson, Barbara; Meberg, Marilyn; Swindoll, Luci “with wisdom and laughter, women of faith share their secrets to finding the joy in life’s journey.”
“Let Be A Woman” Elliot, Elisabeth
“Lord Change Me!” Christenson, Evelyn.
“Love and Laughter” Holmes, Marjorie

YOUTH “Sometimes God Has A Kid’s Face” Ritter,Bruce. “the story of America’s exploited kids”
“Something in Search of a Deeper Faith More” Marshall, Catherine “today’s younger gen. In search of meaning and direction”

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