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Well, all in all, this part is pretty langthy, and you might only want to read it if you really love DooM, or have the time on your hands. First, I will start with the PlayStation port, my favorite DooM to console Port! This one I think is the best, because it added really good lighting effects, added cool music. It also had Multiplayer {most other ports did not, or it really sucked {eg: SNES, you also had to have some modem device}.} And it kept all the original DooM stuff, and enemies. I will give some screenies, the big stuff is at the bottom.

Now I will have my summery of the DooM64 console port. I was pretty disapointed, but DooM64 have its pro's as it does its cons. First of all, it did not have multiplay at all, which was a big dis. But it added one new weapon, and that weapon can be upgraded better than the BFG. It also adds two new monsters, and all new levels. Another dis, they took out the SpiderMasterMind! Nooo! Oh well, here are a couple screenies...

12-13-00 -Doomgalaxy Renders

Now is the sega Saturn DooM. This was very similar to 32x. It was an, ehh, ok port. here are two screens...

And the second sega DooM...and the suckiest...DooM32x, no comment expept it took out too many levels, and took out most of the monsters, but is pretty good if you want to beat it before going to work...

Now I will talk about DooM for the Atari-2600, no, really.

I know what your probably thinking; "Wholy shit!? DooM for the ATARI!? No way, this has to be some kind of sick ass joke!" I know, my heart pounced out of my mouth when I saw it. At first, when a small group of people saw it, the believed, and some didnt, and tryed to cover it up saying it was an "imaging" project. But, here it is. It's real. And hell, I find it pretty fun. There are four weapons, one enemy {and a boss}, and one level {supposed to be two, but the only difference is a color change, and a stair case that don't work.} Any way, here are some breath taking screen-shots:

Here, finally SNES DooM I will talk about. {that didn't sound like it made much sence did it??}
Anyway, The SNES DooM was the first DooM I ever played, therfore, I like it the best. Now, I aint gonna exagerate, but SNES DooM is incredible! Great music, and highly accurate levels. But the most estounding part is that DooM, a 32-bit game, fit onto a freaking 16-bit system with barely any memory or Mhrz!!! And the damn thing still had multiplayer option! I highly recomend this to any SNES owner, cuz the only cons about it is no floor or ceiling textures, almost liveable framerate, and monsters face one direction. Coming soon: DooM for the Dream Cast!!! Seriously! Its a hacked thing.

Now, it's the 3D0-DooM. From what I hear, no-one really likes it, and it pretty much flopped. But I find it pretty good. It's nearly full, it's full-screen, it's multiplayer {I think, I forgot}, and the music is fairly good. But it's DooM, therfore I like it, and recommend it to any 3D0 owner!

Jaguir DooM
Juguir DooM is accurate, but the music seems incorrect, and it runs slightly slow, and has no multiplay. But, close enough, so if you own Atari-Jaguir, BUY DOOM.
I deleted the following comparason part of the consoles, so if you want it, just email me.