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This page is the members who are in the Clan so far...
Clan Galaxy

If you would like to join, please send ME an email with your name, ICQ#, email address, model color, and how good you are at DM. Thanks.
Member Name Color Email ICQ#{optional}
Jeremy Silver 71762558
Zenim_321 {yeethaw} Green 43366398
Orangeguy Orange 84482504
Vixon-f7 {buttholesstink} Red 38297824
GWODTraveler Green 92644876
PaRtY Green none none
Jill_69 Black none none
TimKLucky Blue none none
God14 Brown none none
HiredGoon Yellow none none
Sperm White none none
Doreamon Blue none none
Jizz Green Some none
RobertIIII Purple {??} none none
Diabolikl Green none none
Death-rules White none none
Valkin-7 Red none
Annonomyss Blue none none