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Welcom to This site is going to be my big re-make. Oh yeah, flamers, thanks :) My goal date for starting is January 21st 2001. Hopefully, by the time you see this site, it will be mostly completed.

Site Updates:
-12/26/00- I am well getting the code written out for my new page..YES! :)

2001 The main Heading Bar:
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04-25-01 -Doomgalaxy News
Wow! A lot has happened since I last updated! From Doom coming to the GBA, to Duke Nukem the movie announced, and much more. Well, of all things to happen to me... Im getting my new site HOSTED at Doom Center! My new site is going to be dedicated to the new DoomRPG i'm working on! -Jeremy

2-26-01 -Doomgalaxy News
YEAH! The long awaited REAL Doom3 Screenies have arrived.

Download the Doom3 Video Here!

1-19-00 -Doomgalaxy News
Ever wonder what the Gay Ass Doom Comic looked like? Download it! CLick Here!

1-19-00 -Doomgalaxy News
Hey Everyone! I just decided to tell you that I am currently making a new Megawad called Doom4. My cheif goal is to "re-master" the boss'es, and add at least four new complete Doom monsters. So far all is going well, and im getting the sprites drawn out pretty well. There is also a good story in the works :)
I hope to get this done soon, and I could use some experienced level makers. If you are interested, PLEASE Email Me!

1-11-00 -Doomgalaxy News
I got my art up, so head over the Fanart Section, and click on "MY ART!".

1-11-00 -Doomgalaxy News
Well, all is well with our page so far. We have a name, but arent going to tell you til' were done! We have a fine group, and many plans for the futur. Till next time...

12-30-00 -Doomgalaxy News
UPDATE: Sorry to say, but don't be expecting any new Doom news from here too soon. As of now, I am going to start working on a ew page, done all in Flash. It will be similar to Gamefaq's and Telenation hence I finish. If you are interested in it, or you like to join, just Email Me.

12-30-00 -Doomgalaxy News
Fanatic has updated his page, the Assylum with a word that Quake Doom has some little progression going on. So go on over to the Assylum! And check it out!

12-30-00 -Doomgalaxy News
J-Doom released a patch ready to download. There are two little changes; Onw that fixes a small bug with OpenGL render and the other fixes the Direct 3D dialog. Did I post this already? :P

12-30-00 -Doomgalaxy News
Florian said that Pr-Boom 2.1.2 is ready to be download at Sourceforge.

It fixes all of the Audio Problems, glitches, and..hell, they fixed almost everything, so check it out man!

12-30-00 -Doomgalaxy News
I have added a new menu bar to my page. Look good? Well, there is one bad thing about it, I have to keep my news, becuase if I dont, all of my page will lower itself to the bottom for some reason >:( But all I have to do is the spaces command. Well, now I must finish the other pages! ...

12-30-00 -Doomgalaxy News
Doom_Dude has finished Vilecore, but he just updated his site with a review of Stphrz's most newest map called "Pink Munchers and Pesky Imps". It already finished, and can be downloaded! So wutta you waiting for? Head on over!!

12-30-00 -Doomgalaxy News
RTC_Marine, Russ Rice has updated his page with a new title, a new counter, and some good news updates! Check his page out @! And don't forget to sign his forums!

12-30-00 -Doomgalaxy News
At the Vavoom page Legzdinsh has released a new version 1.666 of the source port. This version has a new engine, which supports such features as, tilted death {like Duke}, better and more realistic lighting, Sky Boxes {!!!}, Zooming, and wider view range.

12-29-00 -Doomgalaxy News
Wad In a Week Winner Announced! Get on over to Newdoom's Contest section to find out who won, shake his hand {NOT} and play all of the awsome maps!

12-29-00 -Doomgalaxy News
Not that this is really *important*, but I want everyone to know that I have finished the Weapons History Page, and the pictures are of real weapons, and/or better weapons models, which I thought would be a good idea :P Any way, check it out!

12-29-00 -Doomgalaxy News
I have been surfing around lately for cool BFG models, and came across the Doom3 Arena Page to find that it is pretty much almost finished. It's pretty cool, I would advise you check it out!

12-29-00 -Doomgalaxy News
The Wasteland, Jayextee's page has had a small update, telling of his involvment with the No Hope For Life project, and how Inocent Evil is coming along.

12-29-00 -Doomgalaxy News

Carnevil has updated the Skull Tag page and added who won the last contest at Skull Tag. The weenerz are Carlos Ortega, Lees, and Linguica from DW. Another funny thing, ...Want to Free Hissy anyone? Free Hissy edition of Skull Tag has been released! >:)

12-29-00 -Doomgalaxy News
Kokak has said that the next version of ZDoomGL has been released, and that it has TONS of new updates. Such as more realistic lighting, better MD2's, most bugs are fixed, ect, etc, stop reading moron! Just head on over!

12-29-00 -Doomgalaxy News
Over at they uploaded a new version of Jdoom! Not much to say, but they fixed a graphical bug in the OpenGL buffer, and added a driver configuration. So if you have JDoom, head on over! :)

12-28-00 -Doomgalaxy News
An important message from Jayextee: "I've started work on No Hope For Life (Formerly known as Digi-Mortal, folks!) and the guy responsible for it (Andy Leaver) is currently playing around with some designs for Innocent Evil, my project - found at My Site! Hey, if anybody is interested in joining either, then... I suppose you know how E-Mail works, yes?

12-28-00 -Doomgalaxy News
Evil Doom : Land of Tohmarr Released! I have finally finished my mid-evil Doom project. Be warned: It is still a demo, I plan on adding much more texture/level/monster replaces. So far, I have replaced four monsters, all weapons, some textures, and one level. DM compatable >:)
Just head on over to the downloads section!

12-28-00 -Doomgalaxy Counter almost *HITS* 10,000! Hehe, it will be the big moment! Gather all of your Doom loven' buddy's, and tell them to get on over here!

12-28-00 -Doomgalaxy News
New Doom's Rellik has the Wad in a Week Contest Map's fourth cash in that Newdoom is releasing, and they are almost finished picking the prize winner! Just head on over, and check out their contest page!

12-28-00 -Doomgalaxy News
Moneyman, has updated that a portion of his James Bond mod is downloadable at Dmhq1, and that part 2 should be available shortly.

12-27-00 -2000 sidedefs contest
Doomgalaxy will be hosting a new contest called the 2000 linedefs contest! Anyone can make a map that has 2000 linedefs exactly, and it will be judged, whichever is best...who will win? Some other mini-contest going on here too:
o; WADs containing EVERY Doom2 texture
o; Another ten-sectors (Just coz I missed entering the 1st...)
o; WADs where EVERY 2-sided linedef must trigger something
o; Large, complex levels WITHOUT keys (There it is, deady-poos)
o; Themed WADs: Base you WAD on a gigantic piece of furniture (Hmmm... that ones half stolen)
o; Dark, claustrophobic levels containing many, many Arch-Viles
o; Levels that make an artistic picture in the automap. No porn :)
-Submited by Cacoman, and Jayextee

12-27-00 -Doomgalaxy News
Kurt Kesler has freshly updated his home page with some new pictures of his latest project, KZDoom7. This screenshot has really been designed to stop complaints of over-used slopes.

12-27-00 -Doomgalaxy News

There is heavy construction going on over at DoomHQ, See, the networks maker of DoomHQ quit updating for good, and our buddy Mewse is giving it a totaly new, and sweet design. Mewse is concerned about a graphics artist, and if you would like to, you email Him

free hissy

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