This is just a short page about me, and how I feel.
Ive never been the kind of person to spill my thoughts all over, but, ahh, what the hell.. everyone has problems, as I do, so why not talk about them. Its been a crazy life so far, for nine years I lived in the ghetto {OH THANK GOD, that I didnt turn out to be a white trash whigger!!!} and I had to put up with that shitty life .. Luckfully we got out of that almost a decade ago.. since then, I switched schools and moved twice. When I switched schools, I met good freinds, they were normal, they werent fake people, they werent trash, they werent hooked on popularity. But of course over the years and the memories, they pretty much split off into different groups. Ive been living a rather dull life, no siblings, just me, and my mom, whome is always sleeping.. yeah, it gets really fucking boring. Middle school was really stupid, but elementary, 4-5 was fucking sweet. Great memories. Highschool. Things now have changed so much, my life is getting a bit spicier. I have someone that I can love, and love me back ;) Nothing in the world could make me happier! These next few summers are gonna rule. I hope I can pick my grades up, have a life, and I hope my frenids stay close, cuase what would be better than a life like f*r*i*e*n*d*s.. ? Well, anyway, I hope you enjoy my artwork and my poem thingy. Have a .. fabulouse night. Dont forget to take the tacks out of your eyes. Thats not good for you. Ok.

To Kim :)
"I like to love and love I found,
Two hearts together strong and bound.
I began to love her from the start,
She draws the warmth into my heart.
Together in harmony from the begining to the end, life could not have taken a sweeter bend.
Forshadowing I can see,
Sharing a beutifull eternity.
My only light is yours you share,
We lye so calm our emotions bear.
I often write for the love of art,
Not caring who acts smart,
For now I know, we can share each others hearts.
For her there is nothing I cant change,
She puts the joy in my each and every single day.
I believe this to be very true,
Time has told me sweet things about you.
So I take this joy and turn from hate,
for the love I feel can only be my soulmate.
I dont know how I could deserve this incredible fate,
But for you my heart and sould I will dedicate.
So all I ask is you let me take you there,
Where we can make love in the misty air.
We can watch the sun-set after noon,
Hearing the calm waves crash will rise the moon.
For you I would walk a million miles,
I could not live without your freindly smiles,
And when your away I think of some days gone by,
where we smiled and luaghed,
It makes me cry.
As these tears of joy roll down my cheak,
I think how glad I am we got to meet.
When I look up at the stars I see your face,
As their twinkling beuty spreads across the vasts of space.
Just keep me in your no matter what, this is all I plead,
For you are my only need. "

-Jeremy James
Any way, that about sums it up :)