Leave your inhibitions behind and wander through the intriguing imagination of America's premiere storyteller. Travel through space and time to exotic, wondrous locations invented by the creative mind of
Ray Bradbury.
This page is devoted to Ray Bradbury, author of 500 short stories and books.
The SciFi Channel appears to have moved the Ray Bradbury Theatre to their British Sci-Fi channel

Ray Douglas Bradbury was born in Waukegan, ILL (no relation to Jack Benny) on 8-22-20, and is still writing. His first story sold in 1940 and he was soon contributing to pulps and quality (slick) magazines alike, several times represented in anthologies of the annual best stories. In fact, his first book, Dark Carnival (1947), was a collection of short stories, as was The Martian Chronicles (1950, known in Great Britain as "The Silver Locusts") and The Illustrated Man (1951, in which tattoos on a sleeping man seem to come alive, each one launching into a different short story).
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