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Lost in Space was one of Irwin Allen's sci-fi / fantasy tv series. This was one of Irwin Allen's sci-fi / fantasy tv series. In 1956, he made the pseudo-documentary "The Animal World" with prehistoric beasts supplied by Ray Harryhausen & Willis H. O'Brien (you may remember them from Beast Of Hollow Mountain and its later movie remake Valley of Gwangi), followed the next year by his bizzaar "Story of Mankind" with fading film star Hedy Lamarr as the teenage Joan of Arc, Harpo (of the Marx Brothers) as Sir Isaac Newton, and Peter Lorre as Nero (no it was not a comedy), Vincent Price & Ronald Coleman probably have the best scene as opposing lawyers in Heaven debating whether the Earth should be destroyed (like I said, this was not a comedy). But Allen really hit big with his low-budget movie The Lost World (1960 remake of Willis O'Brien's silent classic, both based on the novel) which rode the wave of 1950s monster movies that also launched Godzilla.

The Lost World made enough money to finance a series of Irwin Allen movies (most starring fading movie stars), and a movie called Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea in 1961, which led to his 1st tv series, by the same name (1964-68). Lost In Space followed (1965-68) and CBS was so delighted with "Lost" that they turned down Star Trek. Next he tried The Time Tunnel 1966-67), and Land of the Giants (1968-70), which had the same basic plot as a 13-episode black-&-white tv series "World of Giants" (1959, from the 1957 producer of The Incredible Shrinking Man). Then he left tv to make movies with the brief exceptions of "Swiss Family Robinson" (1975, no relation to Disney's movie), and "Captain Nemo" (no relation to anything credible). For some reason, one of his favorite tv writers would be Harlan Ellison, with whom he would have the occasional disagreement (no you can't have the people turn out to be reptiles wearing rubber masks you idiot Producer...)

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One of his most popular since September 11, 2001, has been the realistic Towering Inferno, starring Steve McQueen as the Fire Chief. Anyway, in 1998 it all came full circle with a new Lost In Space Movie based on the 1960s tv series. Lost In Space movie page

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Guy Williams died a dozen years ago. He was TV's best-known Zorro and played the dad on Lost In Space, and now has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Fans from all over the world sent in donations totalling $7000 to pay for the cost of the metal star and installation in the sidewalk, as reported on ABC News in early August 2001.

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