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Night of the Comet (1984)

Valley girls of the apocalypse

(From Joe Bob's Ultimate B Movie Guide)
Possibly the most hilarious end-of-the-world flick ever made. What would happen if a big meteor came by and turned everybody into zombies and bean bag chairs except for two bimbos and the Meskin who was in Eating Raoul.
That's the premise of director Thom Eberhardt, who set his story on a day when everybody in El Lay was off at the beach sticking stuff up their noses, so the whole city is deserted in every scene. The highlight is when flesh-eating zombie karate-school dropouts start bashing in heads with monkey wrenches cause their brains got deep-fried by the comet. Plenty of bimbo fu, starting when the two sisters and the Meskin move into a radio station so they can try to take calls on the Hit Line. Then Mary Woronov shows up and tries to save the kids from the evil scientists who want to suck their blood out so the scientists won't become zombies.
Fifteen dead bodies.
Two pints blood.
Kung Fu.
Exploding jeep.
Microwaved law-enforcement faces.
Seven zombies.
One child zombie.
Attack of the Punkola Stockboys.
With Catherine Mary Stewart as the head bimbo, Kelli Maroney as her Valley Girl sister, Robert Beltran as the Meskin, and Sharon Farrell.  4 stars

Lori Petty does not drive a tank in a post-apocalyptic world wiped out by a comet and ruled by Malcolm McDowall in this movie, that's Tank Girl

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